/ How to use toothpaste

How to use toothpaste

Toothpaste Can solve a lot of small problems that arise in everyday life. You will be surprised how wide the range of its application! Ordinary toothpaste copes with unexpected tasks playfully.

Be sure to arm yourself with these tips, they will not be useful to you. And a new toothpaste, and the remnants of the old perfectly go into play. Why these secrets do not write directly on the tube?

How to use toothpaste

  1. A little toothpaste and an old toothbrush: an easy way to update the old, tarnished silver. Your decorations and dishes sparkle! Do not forget to thoroughly wash off the remnants of the paste.
    Cleaning silver with toothpaste
  2. protective glasses Do not fog up if you use dentalPaste. Put it in a thin layer on the inner surface of the glasses, and everything will be all right! Skiing, swimming and motorcycle goggles will serve you smoothly.
    Cleaning glasses with toothpaste
  3. Light sole - it's beautiful, but unreliable. Because to protect shoes from scratches and abrasions is quite difficult! It's good that you can wipe the toothpaste with problem areas, the shoes will look refreshed.
    Cleaning soles with toothpaste
  4. Defects that appear on the Light walls, It is easy to disguise it with the help of toothpaste.
    Filling holes in the walls with toothpaste
  5. If after cooking your hands smell of fish, onions or garlic, it's okay. Wash your hands using toothpaste - Strong smell Immediately disappears.
    Toothpaste on the hands
  6. Polish the soleplate of the iron With the help of toothpaste. No more scum and terrible spots!
    Cleaning the iron with toothpaste
  7. With the help of toothpaste, you can Sand the disc. Paste should be taken quite a bit, otherwise the scratches on the disk will not disappear, but only deepen.
    Cleaning discs
  8. beautiful Means for cleaning the sink - Toothpaste! Radiance and freshness in your bathroom.
    Cleaning of the toothpaste washbasin
  9. The same concerns Chrome parts in the bathroom. Using paste, you can achieve a delightful radiance!
    Cleaning the crane with toothpaste
  10. So that Shower door Always remained clean, wipe it with toothpaste. The result will surpass all your expectations.
    Cleaning the glass with toothpaste

Now you know that toothpaste is a real find on the farm. Use these tricks, the usual paste is so universal that it can Replace cleaning products. Bravo toothpaste!