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Exercises for training of memory

If you want your brain to serve youOld age and never let you down, it needs to be trained. The brain can be compared to muscles and, like any muscle, it needs exercises to maintain the tone. To a little strain your brains, we recommend a few exercises that will help Develop memory and intelligence.

How to develop memory

  1. You must buy furniture in the nursery. Below are prices from the furniture catalog. Try to remember them for a minute. Then close the label and answer the question below.

    How much money will you spend if you choose a bunk bed, a round rug, two armchairs, two lamps and a two-section wardrobe?

  2. You need to come up with associations for numbers and words according to their external form. Time for this is not limited. Then close them and answer the questions.

    answer the questions:

    1. Which number corresponds to the snowman?
    2. What figures correspond to a ravine and a candle?
    3. What figures correspond to a sailboat, an egg and a snake?
    4. What figures correspond to a balloon, a bird, a children's slide and a duck?

  3. Within a minute try to remember the location of points and lines in the first four lines. Then, without looking at them, restore the missing lines in the bottom four lines.
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  5. Try to remember the shopping list. Time for this you are not limited. Then, without looking at him, tell me which of the lists below is correct. But remember that the order could change.
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  7. Carefully study two lists of words. In the right column there are anagrams to the words from the left. Now connect the words corresponding to each other and remember them.
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  9. Then look at the speakers that are located below, and say aloud words that are not enough.
  10. Puzzles

  11. Within 20 seconds, study the figure on the left. After that, without looking at it, tell which of the four figures below is identical to the one you were considering.
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  13. You have one and a half minutes to rememberClothes, objects and names of these four girls. Then close the drawing and answer the questions below. Again look at the original and correct your mistakes.

    answer the questions:

    1. Who has blue bows on his head - from Mary or Bibians?
    2. What is the name of the girl in blue boots?
    3. Which of the girls has a bang and a polka-dot suit?
    4. which of the girls has a kitten - from a huyan or bibian?

  14. Within 30 seconds remember the following pairsImages. Then write these words on a sheet of paper in the same order, but without looking at the drawing. During memorization try to make associations between objects.
  15. Puzzles

  16. Study the drawings in squares for as long as necessary. When it seems to you that you remember everything, close the picture and answer the questions.

    answer the questions:

    1. How many flowers with three petals are depicted in the picture?
    2. How many black flowers are depicted in the picture?
    3. how many flowers in the picture, which have only five petals, but lack any kind of additional elements?

  17. You have one minute to remember the group of animals pictured in the picture.

    Then, without looking at the picture, write down on the sheet of paper the names of animals in alphabetical order.

Train your brain so that he neverLet down. Now you will not be able to memorize the list of purchases, and you will not forget anything else. Practice yourself and tell these exercises to your friends!