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Phrases for the upbringing of children

There are many phrases that will help you form a child Correct life position And make it more optimistic and confident, and also ready in the future for any difficulties.

"so simple!" Invites you to read and remember seven phrases,Which will help you in raising a baby. The main thing is not just to pronounce them word for word, but to select for a specific situation, when they really will matter.

Phrases for the proper upbringing of children

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  1. "I believe in you!"
    One woman told an interesting story,It is connected with this phrase, which she often told her little son. Once she could not find the keys to her car for a long time. When much time had passed, the woman was upset and had already lost faith in the fact that she would find them.

    The woman simply sat down on the sofa and clutched her head. But someone came up behind her, hugged and said: "Mom, do not be sad. You'll find the keys. I believe in you". After these words the woman had a desire to dig through the whole house. She pushed back the locker, and under it lay the keys. phrase "I believe in you" Very motivating.

  2. "never give up!"
    This phrase helps to explain to the child that in no case need to give up, but always seek a way out of any situation. The same woman brought another example from life.

    Once her three-year-old son tried to put the puzzle piece in the wrong place in the picture, repeating at the same time "never give up!". My mother advised him to stop for a while, think what he was doing wrong, and come up with a new way to solve the situation. Do not give up, but at the same time look for another way to achieve the goal.

  3. "We are learning in the process."
    Teach a child not to get upset strongly, if something does not work out for him. Everyone is inclined to make mistakes, one must learn from one's experience. More often remind the kid about this before important events.
  4. "Everyone was once a disciple, like you are now."
    Every professional in his work was once an apprentice. Making mistakes and losing is normal. The main thing is patience and perseverance in any business. Only then will you reach your goal.
  5. "Defeat is not a choice!"
    Any life experience should be taken as a lesson. In defeat it is necessary to see new opportunities for development. Defeat is not a choice. The choice is to learn, develop and believe in yourself.
  6. "You must learn from mistakes."
    Teach the child to draw conclusions from life situations. When the child did something wrong or got into any unpleasant situation, ask him what he learned after that.
  7. "You're safe. I love you".
    It is very important to raise a child in an atmosphere of love and care. When you put the child to sleep, tell him: "You're safe. I love you". When the baby grows up, he will remember those words when he finds it difficult. This phrase will also positively affect his self-esteem.

You always need to think about what and how you say to your child. Every phrase Can affect his entire life and evenDevelop the first person in a small person. Give your child more love. Tell him these seven phrases, explaining their meaning, then he will grow up a man with a capital letter.

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