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Ideas for the garden and the garden

Here comes the long-awaited spring! The next Summer season. "so simple!" Has prepared 10 brilliant tips for those who are engaged in floriculture, gardening, gardening and not only.

Try to take note of at least a few useful ideas. All of them were tested in practice and brought the desired results. Thanks to these tips, you will be able to significantly Simplify one's life.

Ideas for giving

  1. Using cardboard from rolls of toilet paper make Biodegradable tubs For seedlings. Fold cardboard, as in the photo, and fill the earth with it.
  2. Saplings

  3. Do you want Improve the taste of home-grown tomatoes? Then add some baking soda to the soil. This will help you grow more sweet tomatoes.
  4. Home-grown tomatoes

  5. Keep garden tools in a pot of sand, and they will not rust.
  6. sand

  7. Freeze a small amount of water with herbs in an ice container. So they will be better stored.
  8. Leaves in water

  9. Pour a glass of vodka in a vase of water, where there are cut flowers. You read it right! Flowers, of course, will not have a festive mood, but they will not fade so quickly.
  10. vodka

  11. Make of old lemon peel cute floralpot. Cut the fruit in half, remove the flesh and make a small piece of zest in a small hole below. Then fill the pot with soil and plant a small seedling.
  12. Lemons

  13. In addition, you can use the eggshell as a pot, for example, plant a grass in it. Excellent Idea for easter!!
  14. eggshell

  15. Do not throw away the coffee grounds, better to fertilize it with soil. It not only acts as a Top dressing for plants, But also protects the soil from pests.
  16. Coffee beans on the ground

  17. Add granules from the diaper into the flower pot. This will help the soil to hold moisture longer.
  18. diaper

  19. Use banana peel as Fertilizer for roses. It contains a lot of potassium, which helps to better feed these colors and protects them from diseases.
  20. Banana peel

Thanks to these tips you will become A true gardener. All good harvest!

Share these ideas with your friends, most likely, they will be useful to them.