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How to choose the color of clothes

Color affects a person not only aesthetic, but also psychological effect. With its help you can influence the mood and even feel. Color therapy - this is one of the most promising methods of treating depression and other psychological ailments.

Those people who would like to improve their mental state with the help of this technique, psychologists advise first of all to pay attention to Color of clothes in wardrobe. Read about how colors affect the inner world of a person in order to find the right wardrobe!

How to choose the color of clothes

Colorful clothes

  1. gray Color evokes indifference. It can provoke depression and apathy. But at the same time it gives strength to one who is weak and vulnerable.
  2. the black Color causes a sharp drop in mood,Being gloomy. But if it is correctly combined with other colors, then you will feel more confident. It will be easier for you to make a decision. At the moment of reflection, put on black.
  3. gold Reflects authority, self-confidence, creativity and the pursuit of excellence.
  4. silver Gives emotional stability and eliminates the negative.
  5. bronze - the color of love and passion, and also it increases the desire to develop professionally.
  6. red Symbolizes joy, beauty, love and fullness of life, and on the other hand - enmity and revenge. People who wear red clothes feel bolder and more energetic.
  7. Orange Color enhances creativity and enthusiasm. He also strengthens his will and frees him from feelings of depression.
  8. yellow Gives inspiration and charges with positive energy, and stimulates intellectual abilities. He provokes courage in his actions.
  9. green Color relieves fatigue, pacifies, and also invigorates. It contains hidden potential energy and makes a person more confident.
  10. blue Symbolizes kindness, loyalty and constancy. It acts soothingly, improves concentration of attention. It is recommended in therapy for emotional and nervous people.
  11. purple Color acts soothingly on the emotional sphere of a person.
  12. white Gives balance and harmony. This is the most energetic color, it charges the person with vivacity, prompts to activity.
  13. turquoise Increases intuition and sensitivity, as well as perfectly relaxes and relieves stress.
  14. brown Color - calming, inhibiting excitement, giving rest to the eye and tired nerves.

Now you need to go and buy new clothes in the wardrobe? not necessary! You can simply add to the dark clothes Bright bijouterie, Colorful scarves and even bright socks.

Pay attention to how certain colors affect the The psychological sphere Person, and use these tips every day. All, of course, must be perceived with a certain degree of conventionality. Do not forget that there are many shades and tones, which in turn also affect people in different ways.

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