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Diet of 6 petals

"Fly, fly, petal ..." - said the heroine of the Soviet cartoon, making a wish. Like a fairy-tale flower, Diet "6 petals" Will fulfill your desire to lose excess weight and for 6 days of strict compliance will help to lose from 3 to 6 kg!

Diet of 6 petals

There is a version that invented a dietDoctor-dietician from Sweden anna Juhansson, but there is no documentary evidence of this fact. However, there is efficiency! This food system is built on a protein-carbohydrate alternation, which allows you to lose subcutaneous fat, and not muscle mass.

Principle is to createA visual image - a flower with 6 petals, each of which represents a 1 day diet with a specific set of products. At the end of the day tear off the petal and make sure that you have become easier: it's very motivating! Petals tear off clockwise, breaking the order is impossible.

The sequence of days is as follows: Fish day, vegetable, chicken, cereal, curd, fruit. With such a food system, proteins do not mix with carbohydrates, which helps to accelerate metabolism and break up accumulated fats.

Diet of 6 petals

Diet "6 petals"

Recommendations for the number of products: Fish, chicken, cottage cheese - up to 500 grams per day; Vegetables, fruits - 1.5 kg per day; Croup - 200 g of dry product (broth). During the whole period of the diet strictly limit the amount of salt, sugar, coffee - can be 1 time a day.

Drink enough water, green tea, 300 ml of kefir is allowed on the curd day. On a vegetable day, you can use a tablespoon of vegetable oil to dress salads.

  1. a fish
    Fish supplies the body with omega-3 fatty acids,The benefits of which are not known only to the lazy, but also has exceptional dietary properties: it is well absorbed and saturated. Cook fish in any way, except frying, you can also eat shrimp.
  2. vegetables
    High fiber content in vegetablesProvides a feeling of satiety and good intestinal motility. For digesting vegetables, the body needs a lot of effort, which is best reflected in the figure. To get the most benefit, eat vegetables in raw form. About the potato on this day forget it!
  3. a hen
    In the protein-rich chicken meat is also contained in abundance of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins of the group in. Use boiled chicken meat.
  4. cereals
    On the eve of a cereal day, soak in the evening the required amount of the selected cereals, and in the morning broth. This will increase the dietary value of cereals. It is also recommended to use a handful of flaxseed.
  5. cottage cheese
    For this day of diet choose fresh natural curd. He will fill the reserve of mineral components, which are lost with any mono-diet.
  6. fruit
    Fruit will supplement the body with vitamins, take care of the final cleansing of the intestines. Picking fruits for this day, pass by the bananas - in them a lot of starch.

Diet "6 petals" is contraindicated: pregnant, nursing mothers, people who have individual intolerance to certain foods, those who suffer from diseases of the zhkt. As in all Mono-diets, Doctors recommend to adhere to this diet for not more than 7 days.

Set up psychologically, be patient and move towards the coveted figure on the scales! Perhaps this diet will help you achieve your goal!