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Ice for beauty

do not be surprised: This is the most extreme procedure that can be done at home. You are invited to dip your face in cold water, in which ice cubes are swimming. Throw back the hair and put your face in a basin or a bowl with cooling water. Why do you need it, you ask? As it turned out, ordinary ice is delicious Cosmetic, Whose value can not be overemphasized.

How to use ice for beauty

Holding your face in ice water for 10 to 30 seconds,You will immediately feel the magical effect of this remedy. Ice works best in the morning. If you want to enjoy the visible result of a cold bath, it's worth trying in the morning.

Ice will help if you have Problems with bruises and bags under the eyes. Ice water will improve the blood supply to the skin and itsColor, smooth wrinkles, remove swelling. Morning coffee awakens your consciousness, but because of the bag under your eyes you are still in a sleepy state for a long time. An instant ice will give your skin an ice. This is a real stimulant for the skin.

The ice water is wonderful Narrows the pores. This quality is especially useful for people with oilyAnd problem skin. After toning up washing the skin will keep fresh all day, it will be perfectly moistened. Even deep wrinkles are less noticeable after such a procedure!

Your face will shine with freshness, if in the morning you dare to conduct such an ice experiment. If there was a stormy party the day before, ice is capable of Remove the signs of fatigue From your face. Will not be noticeable nedosyp and drunk spirits, ice will update the skin in an instant. A good way to be fresh at work as a cucumber!

Share these helpful tips about using ice with your friends! The next morning after the party, this procedure will help decently look even to men.