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How to combine a shirt and a tie

Every man who wants to draw attention to him from the fair sex, should look good. Do not necessarily wear very expensive things with the last Fashion shows, Neat, clean, ironed clothes and you will look great.

Learn how to correctly combine a shirt and tieShould every man who wishes to be considered a gentleman. We suggest that you pay attention to these eight combinations, which will become a real hit in the bull's-eye.


How to combine a shirt and a tie

  1. The main rule when combining a shirt and a tie: the latter should always be darker than the shirt. If you adhere to this rule, then in your image there will already be 50% success.
  2. Striped shirt blends well with a striped, dark tie. You will look simply irresistible, wearing dark trousers or jeans.
  3. If your wardrobe is missing Plaid tie, Then we advise you to buy it. Because such a tie can be worn with a light shirt and a dark bottom.
  4. The shirt with the rounded edges of the collar is not suitable for everyone. Try to try on a light shirt with such a collar and tie with an unusual pattern, and your opinion will change.
  5. Elegant tie combine with a shirt in a cage. So you will look both stylish and sexy.
  6. Shirts of bright colors are not suitable for all men. But if you like to wear them, then pick up for this outfit a dark, classic tie.
  7. Ties in small peas combine well with simple, monophonic shirts. If you put on a dark suit for this combination, you will get a lot of compliments from the fair sex.
  8. Pick up a gray shirt with fire-colored tie: red, orange or yellow.

Unbuttoned sleeves, weakened tie, dark jeans - this Street style. In it you will feel free and confident.

Combine the shirt and tie correctly and you will look unsurpassed.

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