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How to identify a character with your fingers

With the help of this test, you can learn a lot about a person just by carefully studying his hands.

All you need to do is ask the subjectDo four simple steps. Or make them yourself, if you check yourself. And then write the result in each case and compare it with the decoding below.

How to define a character with your fingers

  1. Fold your hands in the castle.
    Which finger was on the top? If left - write the number 1, if the right - 2.
  2. Aiming at an imaginary target, closing one eye.
    Which eye is left open? If the left one - write 1, right - 2.
  3. Cross your arms over your chest.
    Which hand was on top? Left - 1, right - 2.
  4. Applaud.
    When you applaud, which hand is on top? If the left - write 1, right - 2.
  5. arm

But now you can find out the result:

2221 - a person with such a character is very hesitant.

2212 - is inherent in Sociability, You can find a common language with anyone.

2122 - Care, gentleness, technical mindset. Such a person is often cold with others.

1222 - lack of perseverance and perseverance, an emotional character. Such a person easily lends itself to someone else's influence. He can find a common language with people.

1122 - a person with such a character is distinguished by kindness, the presence of a large number of interests. Often simple and naive. Is prone to self-interest.

2211 - The character is soft. A person with such a set of figures differs in communicability.

2111 - the distinguishing feature of such a person is impermanence. Prefers to rely only on their own strength.

1211 - the character is closed, friends are few. Nevertheless, this person is strong in spirit and goes all the way to the goal.

1121 - creative person, Character is soft, trusting.

1112 - a person with such a combination is energetic, resolute and emotional.

2222 - absolute right-handedness, conservative character, tendency to avoid conflicts.

1111 - The absolute left-hander. A creative person, who is also characterized by emotionality, individualism and selfishness.

2121 Defenselessness. On such a person just to influence.

1212 - persistent And a strong spirit man. Easily achieves the goal.

1221 - mild character. Such a person is inherent in naivety and lack of perseverance.

2112 - the character is easy, casual. Such a person easily gets acquainted, often changes hobbies.

Well, have you already checked yourself? And what happened? Share the result in the comments!