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Tips for delicious tea

Tea is one of the most popular drinks that is consumed more than coffee, soft drinks And alcohol combined. It is great for breakfast.

To prepare the most delicious tea in the world, you need to know a few simple secrets. "so simple!" Has gathered for you 10 useful tips that will help you make the most delicious tea in the world.

How to make delicious tea

  1. The right dishes
    To make really delicious tea,You need to start with the right dishes. It is best to brew and drink tea suitable ceramic dishes. Glass is also acceptable, but it is better to forget about metal utensils.
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  3. Not a drop of milk
    If you like to add milk to tea, it is better for you to get rid of this habit, because the milk proteins can interact with the beneficial substances of tea and weaken its healing effect.
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  5. A little lemon
    If you add a little lemon to your tea,Antioxidant properties will increase. The addition of this citrus is not only beneficial for our health, but also helps make tea tastier, since it will remove bitterness from it.
  6. Pay attention to the freshness of tea
    After a while those essential oils thatAre contained in tea, can disintegrate, which negatively affects its taste. Keep tea in a cool, dry place until two years. And even better, use it for six months, otherwise it will lose its flavor.
  7. Freedom of tea leaves!
    When tea is steamed, the leaves increase significantly in volume, so to fully open the potential of the drink, take care of the free place.
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  9. Tea is tasty water
    The basis of tea is water, so the taste of tea depends on the quality of the liquid used, even more than from the type of tea leaves. Try not to use chlorinated water from the tap.
  10. Boiling point
    For brewing good tea you do not need to bring water to a boil or let it cool down a little. So, black tea is best brewed at a temperature of about 90 degrees, and green and white varieties at 70-80 degrees.

    In no case do not boil water again and do not mix boiled and not boiled water - good tea will not work!

  11. Not too much, not too little
    A glass of water for large-leaf brewing and green, as well as herbal varieties, you need a half or two tablespoons of tea.

    For most black teas, which are more compact and have a longer drying time, 1 teaspoon is enough.

  12. Look at the clock
    If the drink is broken, it will be bitterTaste, because tea will start releasing tannins. Black tea will take about three to five minutes to infuse, while green and white need only two to three minutes to achieve the condition.
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  14. Drink to your health!
    Tea is not just a food product, but a real cultural tradition associated with rest and communication.

    Even the cheapest variety surrounded by pleasant interlocutors may seem unusually tasty, and vice versa. So the most important secret to obtaining delicious tea is not in the field of cooking.

Invite your friends and make tea, and youYou will see that a good evening depends not on the quality of the cooked tea. But these can not be forgotten. Use them and tell them about them to your friends.