/ How to get rid of red eyes

How to get rid of red eyes

The problem of red, inflamed eyes is familiar to every second of us to the pain. red eyes Do not decorate anyone ... but besides that it looks unhealthy, the inflammation of the eyes causes uncomfortable sensations. Eyes can itch, water or vice versa be too dry.

How to cope with this trouble and avoid in the future the repetition of terrible symptoms? Get acquainted with the recommendations of a specialist and draw conclusions. Red eyes Can not be healthy.

How to remove the beauty of the eyes

  1. Sleep 8 hours a day
    So that your eyes look rested and shine with a mischievous spark, you need to sleep a sufficient amount of time. To replace a dinner by an early departure to sleep is useful not only for the eyes, but for the figure.
  2. Avoid exposure to toxic substances on the eyes.
    Paint, varnish, smoke, evaporation of chemicals, firewood can cause inflammation of the eyes. Observe the safety rules, if you have to deal with these substances, protect your eyes!
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  4. Wear glasses
    Glasses need different, not only sunscreen in the summer. In winter sunny days they must also be worn, it is important not to forget about glasses in windy weather. Glasses protect the eyes not only from bright light, but also from wind and dust. Minimize external stimuli, which can cause a negative reaction of the eyes.
  5. Choose high-quality cosmetics
    Red eyes can often signalAllergic reaction. Allergy can cause cosmetics, so check how the eyes react to the new mascara. Some creams for eyelids and facial skin can also provoke an allergic reaction of the eyes.
  6. Take care of contact lenses
    If you wear contact lenses, always observeRules for their use. In time clear the lens, remove them when necessary. Remember that sloppy use of lenses can cause eye infection.
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  8. Properly work at the computer
    While working on a computer, always doBreaks every hour for 10 minutes. Perform charging for the eyes or just look into the distance. Do not forget to blink more often when you look at the monitor, this will protect the eyes from mucous from drying out.
  9. Use eye drops
    Drugs, which in their composition resembleHuman tear, are very useful for tired and red eyes. Try to use such drops, when the eyes are very inflamed, and you will immediately feel relieved. Also these drops work as a preventive agent.
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  11. Compresses will help to remove redness
    Ice and cold compress return the eyesFreshness, narrow the inflamed vessels. It is also useful to make compresses from chamomile tea, alternating, linden, and the usual black tea. Such a tonic treatment will give you a feeling of rested, healthy eyes, remove visible signs of fatigue and irritation.

Take care of your eyesight, make sure that your eyes fully rest! If you adhere to these rules, Redness of the eyes Will stop bothering you. Now you know what to do to keep your eyes healthy.

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