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The Katsudzo Nishi Health System

«Correct posture - a guarantee of health"- so claimed the famous Japanese healerKatsudzo niches. He believed that a person can cure himself by knowing a few simple ways of healing. From personal experience katsudzo made 6 tips that went down in history under the name "golden rules of health".

Niche health system It gained wide popularity due to its simplicity and deep eastern wisdom. Therefore, having convinced of the effectiveness of this practice, "so simple!" Advises and you to practice a little!

The golden rules of the katsudzo niche

Body map on the spine

  1. Hard bed
    Lovers of a soft bed will bitterly admit it, but you need to sleep on a solid one. The healer himself states: "To maintain the habit of perfect posture, there is noBetter means than to constantly correct violations occurring in the spinal column, using sleep on a firm even bed. If a lover sleeps in a soft bed will allow his nerves to atrophy and become paralyzed in this way, illnesses will come to him without an invitation".
  2. Cushion
    Neither a soft bed, nor a soft pillow ... a test! In fact, everything is not so difficult - for the sake of health you can get used to it. The fact is that if we sleep on a firm pillow, our cervical vertebrae will be located in their natural position. Otherwise, they will bend over, which will lead to pain in the neck and back. The Japanese would have added: "Curved neck - a sign of a short life".
  3. Health rules katsudzo niches

  4. Exercise "goldfish"
    Exercise corrects the curvature of the spine andThereby eliminating the overstrain of the vertebral nerves. Besides, it normalizes blood circulation, it has a beneficial effect on heart function and on the whole stabilizes the work of the basic systems of the body.
  5. Drill for capillaries
    And the capillaries need to be trained! In the niche recovery system there is a special Vibratory gymnastics For the extremities. See how you can improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  6. Exercise "closing hands and feet"
    Coordinates the work of muscles, blood vessels,Nerves in the abdomen, groin and thighs. This exercise is recommended for future mothers, as it promotes the fetus's favorable development in the womb.
  7. Exercise for the spine and abdomen
    Function of exercise - restoration of acid-base balance in the body. It also has a beneficial effect on the Mental energy.

Completely you can get acquainted with this system of healing with the help of video, where the maya gogulan tells about all the nuances of the famous practice!

As you saw, nothing complicated! Follow these recommendations and regularly perform the exercises - and soon Condition of the spine Will improve and you will forget about problems with the back.

Interested? Then acquaint your friends with the proven sanitation system of the Japanese sage.