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Household cleaning products

Cleaning the house can bring pleasure! If you approach this matter with a certain ingenuity, you can feel like a real master of the purest universe.

The realization that you can put everywhere the ideal purity, using only home remedies, will make cleaning more enjoyable.

Because you can save so much money on the road Household chemical goods!! And the result of the work will definitely satisfy you.

Household cleaning products

  1. Cleaning the oven is no longer an impossible task. Ammonia will help you make the surface of the oven shining.

    You just need to put in a preheated oven a glass of hot water and a glass of ammonia. Any dirt can be quickly removed after this procedure.


  2. If you want to wash the dishwasher, ordinary vinegar will come to your rescue. Just put a cup of vinegar in the dishwasher and turn on the high temperature washing mode.
  3. The shower head will shine and start to flow perfectly again! Toss the mixer overnight in a cellophane bag filled with vinegar. In the morning everything will shine!
    Shower Head
  4. The frying pan will be washed clean, if you pour vinegar into it and warm it up. In especially difficult cases, baking soda will also help, it will remove stale dirt.
    A frying pan
  5. You can wash the blender with ease! Just fill it with water and detergent and turn it on. A minute later the blender will wash itself!
  6. It sounds strange, but you can remove it Greasy stains From the surface of the plate using oil! Drip a few drops of vegetable oil on a napkin and wipe the fatty traces.
  7. To clean the ceiling fan, wrap it in a damp pillowcase. The pillowcase will collect all the accumulated dust.
    ceiling fan
  8. Vinegar, mixed with 4 tablets of "alka-Seltzer", is able to clear clogged pipes. One cup of vinegar mixed with tablets, send to a clogged sink. The result will not take long!
  9. Clean the silver can be warm water mixed with salt and soda.
  10. If you sprinkle grease stains with chalk, they will become less noticeable. Remove the chalk from the stain with a damp cloth.
    a piece of chalk
  11. Dusty corners are best wiped with a material that has an antistatic effect. This will protect the surface from further accumulation of dust.
  12. Kill microbes that have already settled on your Kitchen sponge. Just put it in the microwave for two minutes, all the germs will perish in agony.
    Microwave oven
  13. A rubber roller will help you easily get rid of the pet's fur scattered all over the house.
  14. To remove dirt from the surface of the mattress and freshen it, pour alcohol or vodka into the sprinkler. Spray a mattress, and it will noticeably refresh immediately!
  15. The baking container is well cleaned with a conventional foil and dishwashing detergent.
    Baking container
  16. To make the coffee grinder clean and remove the smell, just grind it a little rice. For a better effect, wipe off the coffee grinder with soda.
    Coffee grinder
  17. Vinegar - a wonderful tool for wiping dusty and dirty surfaces.
  18. Wet shoes will dry quickly if you put inside not only newspapers, but bags of rice. They will absorb all unnecessary moisture!
    Wet shoes
  19. Vinegar with water - excellent Stain remover. Check this fact and take out the old stain on the carpet. After you have stained the stain with vinegar, place a damp cloth on top. Hold the hot iron on it for a few minutes. The spot disappears before our eyes.
  20. Food baking soda and water also remove stains, even very complex ones.
  21. Small pieces can be collected with the help of bread. Now, surely no one will cut!
  22. Leather furniture is not as difficult to care as you thought. A normal shoe cream of the right shade is suitable as a means of caring for leather furniture.
    shoe polish
  23. The ventilation grilles will become much cleaner if you wipe them with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  24. Damp paper towels Absorb all the dirt from the grill that was just in use.
  25. Grapefruit and lemon - fruits that are beautifulClean the surface. Pour a little salt on the grapefruit or lemon, rub the tub and sink. They will be crystal clear! So do not rush to throw out half of the lemon, the juice from which you already squeezed.

These simple tips will help any mistress makeThe house is delightfully clean and cozy. No extra waste, use everything that is already in your house! Share with your girlfriends these tips, the cleaning time is approaching before Passover.