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How to prolong youth

Consider the advantages that you receiveYouth, until it is over! Young people are able to quickly learn something new, change, acquire experience, albeit not always positive. If desired these characteristic Pluses of youth You will be able to carry through all life and remain receptive to the world around the modern person.

For this you only need to afford a little more freedom than usual. Aging of the body - an irreversible and inevitable process, but you can control your own consciousness!

10 steps to eternal youth

  1. ask questions
    A young man is a person who canWonder and is interested in a huge and beautiful world. Learn from other people the information you need, argue and communicate. Try to do it in real life - a virtual dispute will not give you such a surge of emotions and energy as a real event. At the moment when curiosity and fervor leave you, you can consider yourself an old man.
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  3. Learn
    Admit to yourself how insignificant your knowledge and skills are. Because you are capable of more! To the same to learn so interesting! I mean Self-education, In order to improve and deepenIt's enough to have internet and desire. The modern world is changing rapidly, no one knows what skills will be in the trend after a couple of years. Learn everything that somehow touches you and draws you!
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  5. Appreciate what you have
    To become happy is very simple! Enough to lower your level of needs. So you can be homeless, but at the same time completely happy. The man who is missing is in bliss. Of course, this is not beneficial to the modern consumer society, which promotes only one path to happiness and success - through Financial well-being In especially large amounts.

    How to win in the race for prosperity, successAnd wealth, while not losing their spirituality along the way? The task is not simple for today's young people. The secret is to rejoice in what you have, while gradually increasing your income level, without unnecessary fuss. The time of youth is not worth spending on the pursuit of money, because too cheap and unequal exchange is obtained.

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  7. Forget about the seriousness
    Stop giving too much importanceTo what is happening, do not shake over every spoken word as if it is an undeniable truth. Doubt everything, do not create an excessive potential of importance around things that bother you.
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  9. Break
    People can violate prohibitions at any age, but only in youth can you feel the real Euphoria From what is happening. Do not deny yourself this pleasure!
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  11. Be careful with a healthy lifestyle
    Do not be zealous, depriving yourself of all possibleJoy, suddenly striking a healthy way of life. You still have time to worry about your health, in your youth, sometimes it is enough to go in for sports and eat in a balanced way. Do you really remember in your old age how you collected money for a gadget that measures your pulse while jogging?
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  13. Be spontaneous
    Suddenness is a sign of youth. Think quickly, make unexpected decisions, be brave. Bright moments, travel and adventure can not be bought for any money.
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  15. Drop cynicism
    What good gives you a cynical attitude to life? Do such views bring joy in your day? cynicism - a sign of disappointment and fatigue. While you are young, drive away the cynical attitude towards people and their actions. You will not believe, but miracles happen to those who believe in them!
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  17. Fall in love
    Only in youth can love become strongShock. Learn to build relationships, be sincere. Try not to lie at all, it's not to the face of an intelligent young man. The more free you will feel in love, the more interesting and rich your life will be.
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  19. Let's go for a walk
    Less internet, more events, different. Reality is so wonderful! New acquaintances, travel and adventures are more important than likes and comments. Spend time wisely, do not burn youth, sitting at the computer. It's so sad.
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