/ How to clean a house of wool

How to clean a house of wool

If you have a pet, you, ratherAll, this problem is familiar. In the house there is so much wool that begins to seem, as if you can not get rid of it any more? The whole point is that in each house there are several types of surfaces that need to be cleaned in different ways. You do not have to worry about the fact that your pet fucks very much!

Today "so simple!" Will tell you how to remove wool from smooth surfaces, carpets, upholstered furniture and clothes without much effort.

How to get rid of wool in the house

To clean smooth surfaces, such asTile, laminate or wood, do not need to use a vacuum cleaner, because all the wool will rise into the air, and then again settle on the floor. Better mop the floor with a mop, and then with a microfiber. It will help Remove the remains of wool.

A duster made of microfiber

With carpets it is a little different. The vacuum cleaner usually collects a small amount of wool from the hairy surfaces. But if you sprinkle the carpet with soda and leave it for 10 minutes, and then vacuum the coating, you will collect much more wool. And soda will help you get rid of unpleasant odors.

Sprinkle carpets

If after that, the coat still has wool on it, put on rubber gloves and lightly wet them, they will help you collect all the leftovers.

latex gloves

If you have one Robot vacuum cleaner, Leave it turned on, when you go to work, he can remove a large enough amount of wool. Cats love such little UFOs, and they will not be lonely when you are not at home.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Remove wool From other smooth surfaces you will help already familiar microfiber.


For upholstered furniture, we recommend using a rubber-tipped window brush.

Window brush

In severe cases, use a conventional brush.


So that Remove wool from clothes, During washing add a little vinegar and throw into the drum special washing balls. Vinegar will make it so that the wool will fall behind the clothes, and the balls will collect it.

Washing balls

This video shows detailed instructions for Getting rid of wool.

But do not forget that if you regularly comb out your cat and feed it with the right food, you do not have to clean your house of so many wool.

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