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Attracting wealth by feng shui

Many people, especially during the crisis, are Attracting wealth. You probably noticed that someone has a long path to wealth and thorny, and some people simply fall from the sky.

What is their secret? The whole point in the doctrine, about which many have heard, is feng shui. Not necessarily follow all the rules, most importantly - Treat money correctly.

Riches for feng shui

The girl in the money

  1. Always keep the kitchen and the corridor clean. Wealth does not come in a dirty house.
  2. The wallet should be red.
  3. You can not spend money on the first day when you get paid. Put them in a place where you keep money always. Start spending the next day a little.
  4. Do not put anything extra in your wallet. This is a place for money and bank cards. You can not store photos, coupons and notes in your wallet.
  5. Keep notes in different wallet offices at par.
  6. Count the money only with clean hands, preferably in the morning.
  7. Borrow from a rich man a large bill and keep her at home. Give it back when your profits increase.
  8. Improve the ability to earn. Try to find another way to earn money, in addition to work.
  9. Distribute the money like this: 50% donate for a good cause, 20% to postpone unforeseen expenses, 10% to give to relatives who need, 15% to spend on oneself.
  10. Try to give more and do not expect anything in return.

Maybe someone will say that all this is not true. But you must first try and then draw conclusions. Also teaching Feng Shui This is not the only teaching that can be used to attract money. This is just an addition to your efforts on the way to the goal.

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