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Tips that make life easier

All strive to make life easier and more comfortable for themselves. But if you constantly buy for this special Devices and devices, Then it can take a lot of money. We often do not even think about the fact that you can use ordinary things at all for your own purpose.

"so simple!" Gathered for you 16 tips to help you Making life a lot easier And cozier. Read and mash at us!

Tricks to facilitate life

  1. Wrap the spring from the fountain pen around the wire from the charger, so as not to break it.
  2. If you do not want the dust to fall on the floor, when you drill, glue a sheet of paper on the wall, pre-bending it.
  3. So that bananas do not spoil so quickly, wrap their tails with food film, this will prevent premature ripening of fruits.
    Storage of bananas
  4. Amplify the sound of the speakers of the laptop can be by means of a cut along the plastic cup.
    Plastic cups on the laptop
  5. If the house does not have a corkscrew, it can be replaced with a screwdriver and a regular fork.
    Fork instead of a corkscrew
  6. If you need to strictly follow the recipe, and you do not remember it by heart, an ordinary coat rack will help you place a book with recipes in a place convenient for you.
    Book rack
  7. Do not throw away a small residue of soap, better stick them to a new soap.
  8. Strawberry tails can be removed using a normal straw.
    Strawberry straw on a straw
  9. Not to stay without cash on vacation or business trip, put a few bills in the old tube from lip balm, for emergency cases.
    Keeping money
  10. So that the plug does not fall out of the socket of the extension cord, just tie the wires into a knot.
    Knot of wire
  11. So that the rolls of wrapping paper are not wrinkled, use a sleeve of toilet paper: cut it along and wrap a roll of wrapping paper.
    Storage of packaging paper
  12. If you do not want to get on your fingers, when you hammer a nail, use a clothespin.
    A nail in a clothespin
  13. The dried mascara can be diluted with a few drops of solution for contact lenses, and it will become like new.
    Dried mascara
  14. If there is not enough room in the closet - use the key for the drinks can: you can hang one more hanger on it.
    Key to the can for hangers
  15. So that the buttons do not come off, cover them with a layer of clear lacquer.
    Varnish for buttons
  16. If you do not have a packet of ice - wet a sponge, place in a sealed bag and freeze. Unlike ice, it will not flow and will be cool longer.
    Sponge in the package

It turns out that not everything needs to be studied for years! Even such simple tips, which take a few minutes to learn, can significantly affect your life!

If your friends are also addicted to such advice, tell them about this selection!