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Fashionable spring hairstyles

Spring is a time when every woman wants to look spectacular, and also add something new and fresh to her image. Fashionable stylists are advised to do this season Focus on hair And create light, windy and slightly disheveled hairstyles. Eccentricities on the head are very welcome in this fashionable season.

"so simple!" Picked up for you the five most fashionable Spring hairstyles, Which "descended" to us from the world's catwalks.

Trendy spring hairstyles

  1. Do without gum
    Try to put on less rubber bands on your hair, soHow they hurt them. It is better to replace the elastic bands with studs. Divide the hair into two parts, each twist into a tourniquet, and then tie them back with a knot. Fix the nodules with hairpins or, in extreme cases, with a small "crab".
  2. Without gum

  3. Sweet negligence
    On wet hair sprinkling a little bit of a remedy forVolume. 5-6 pieces of individual strands of twisted into bundles, then roll into bundles and fasten on the head. When the hair is dry, dissolve them. You can apply a little foam to complete the image.
  4. negligence


  5. Disheveled scythe
    Nachishi volume at the roots and fix it with hairspray. Then twist the usual French braid. Slightly loosen it, pulling the strands to the sides. The braid should look careless.
  6. Disheveled scythe

  7. High beam
    Well, sprinkle your hair with varnish,Tight tail. Nachshi, the ends of the hair laid under the elastic band and fastened with stilettos. Hair can be decorated with a hairpin with a pearl or a lovely bow. Such a hairstyle would suit only effective girls for fashion events.
  8. High beam

    High beam

  9. Ribbon in the hair
    Put three ribbons on your hair - two dark onesCriss-cross and one bright. A little bit of hair after the ribbons, and then collect them from behind in the tail. Hair leave hanging loop, not passing through through the elastic. The tips can be passed through the black tape.
  10. Ribbon in the hair

Perhaps these hairstyles are too extravagant andSlightly extraordinary for you. But you can always include your imagination and try to do something similar, but in a different style. Hairdressing is also an art of its kind.

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