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Brain training for happiness

You can teach your brain Feel happy!! It turns out, everything is in your hands. You decide how to perceive life and respond to its manifestations. Do not rush to frown skeptically, it's true.

The brain of a person who is constantlySearch for mistakes and negative moments, get used to working in such a rhythm all the time. It is not surprising that lawyers, auditors and other people whose work is inevitably connected with the analysis of negative material are twice as likely Suffer from depressions. The brain does not stop looking for errors and finding fault even after the work day is over. It really poisons life, because if you want, you can find bad anywhere.

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How to feel happy

At Harvard University one of the mostPopular courses is the "science of happiness." Of course, everyone is interested in how to find harmony and inspiration in life! Scientists have proved that, in order for a person Felt happier, You need not so much. Teach your brain to look good, tune in to the positive and thank. Only three things, for which you have experienced gratitude today, will make you noticeably happier!


Remember the good, Write down good events. Very useful practice - before going to sleep, write downFor what you are grateful for today. Old people forget the bad quickly and love to indulge in beautiful memories, which is why people in their ages are so wise and harmonious.

If you tend to paint everything in gloomyPaint, you will also be helped by the technique of comparing yourself with other people. You have been told all your life that comparison is bad? Do not worry! Just need to compare correctly - with those people whose fate is much worse than yours. This method allows you to perk up very quickly.


Sometimes things happen in life, which would be betterDid not happen. If you are troubled by memories from the past and you consider yourself a failure, because something went wrong, you should rethink everything. Mentally rewrite the story, come up with a positive scenario. Very soon a trauma that will pester you and Painful experiences Will disappear! Try, why not?

Tune in for the best, be optimistic! Be happy or suffer - the choice is yours.