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Tibetan Yoga for the Eyes

Our eyes are not only a mirror of the soul. They sometimes can tell clearly about all sleepless nights, that you spend a long time at the computer, sometimes you allow an extra glass of wine ... Bags and bruises under the eyes Substantially add to a woman of years, and cosmetics are not always able to completely hide them.

Causes of bruising and bags under the eyesThere may be several: lack of sleep, lack of vitamins, long work at the computer, alcohol consumption, smoking ... it is important to pay attention to the puffiness around the eyes in time to not miss the first symptoms of internal diseases (cardiac, kidney, thyroid dysfunction).

Tibetan Yoga for the Eyes

Exercise from Tibetan Yoga Aimed at eliminating excessive puffiness under theEyes, bruises, can improve eyesight, relieve fatigue. During the exercise, pay attention to breathing: make deep breaths-exhalations in the lower part of the thorax, using the stomach.

Tibetan Yoga for the Eyes

Doing the exercise

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. On inspiration, concentrate on the eye area and feel how a thin, warm stream of energy pours into your eyes.
  3. Perform a breathing delay, during which, with three fingers (index, middle and anonymous) of each hand, 10 times click on the dots under the eyes. Push, do not stretch the skin!
  4. During exhalation, imagine how tired you come out of your eyes, and swelling under your eyes is smoothed out.
  5. Do 5 sets of this exercise in the morning and evening.

The effect of exercise will be noticeable almost immediately!

Remember that your beauty depends on your lifestyle! Because none, even the most expensive, the cream does not help, if you neglect a healthy sleep and unbalanced eat. Be healthy and beautiful!