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Rules for the preparation of pancakes

There are pancakes like everything, but to cook ... the hostess needs to work hard to get really delicious and beautiful dish. So that Pancakes Came out ideal, pay attention to a few important points. Follow these rules of cooking pancakes, and you just get it!

How to cook perfect pancakes

  1. Always choose the best, quality products for this dish. Pancake dough Mainly consists of three components: eggs, milk and flour. Make sure that the eggs and milk are fresh, choose not too fatty milk.
  2. Keep the right balance between the ingredientsTest so that you get the right consistency. The first step in preparing the dough is to beat the eggs with a pinch of sugar and salt with a fork. Even if you have a blender, it is best to first beat the eggs with a fork.

    Add the flour gradually so that there are no lumps,In no case does the rash in the dough have too much flour at once. When the eggs are mixed with flour in a thick enough dough, you can add milk. Lumps just will not be!

    Pancake dough

  3. To be able to wait is very important in any life situations. This applies to pancakes! The most delicious dough is one that stayed one day in the fridge before cooking. Check and make sure!
  4. The first pancake is always lumpy, nothing can be done. A good indicator is that the dough is in principle roasted. Do not rush to get upset and put up a cross on your culinary talents.
    Pancakes with red caviar
  5. The right frying pan is an integral part of successful pancakes. Do not regret money and buy a skillet specially designed for baking pancakes. You will greatly simplify your life!
  6. Less oil! To ensure that the pancakes were delicious, they do not necessarily have to be oiled through. Know the measure, fatty food is equally harmful to everyone. Besides, it spoils the taste of pancakes.
  7. That the pancakes with fruits turned out well, prepare Stuffing for pancakes In accordance with the type of fruit. For example, apples should be slightly boiled or put out with cinnamon and sugar before putting them in pancakes. This applies to all solid fruits.
  8. Correctly turn pancakes - a whole art! Learn to make simple, determined movements, do not doubt your ability. Develop speed and speed of reaction, for successful pancakes experience is important.
  9. Sprinkle sweet pancakes with lemon juice - a great idea, it will emphasize the delicate taste of the dough.
  10. Do not skimp on the little things! If you cook pancakes from excellent fresh products, take the trouble to choose expensive chocolate for watering or a decent jam. Prepare with the soul, pay attention to the details.
    Pancakes with strawberries

Did you want pancakes? Use these simple tips to make your favorite dish turn out to be excellent. Oven pancakes can everyone, believe in your strength!

To bake pancakes, a special occasion is not needed, gain inspiration - and forward to the kitchen.