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Buddhist rules of happiness

I recently discovered a terrible truth. I have problems with the psyche, I suffer from constant depression. Long periods of unhurried anguish are replaced by short bursts of happiness. Sometimes I feel so bad from Internal experiences and apathy, That I want to fall asleep and not wake up again.

My mental pain delivers to me as much suffering as it could bring severe physical injuries. I do not know what would happen to me if it were not for my accidental Fascination with Buddhism. Thanks to this teaching, I looked at the world in a new way and realized that depression is an empty matter. Do not want to waste your time on it when you can enjoy life. as? There is no secret.

Buddhist truths about happiness

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  1. Life is impossible without suffering.
    Suffering, loss and pain - an integral partLife. Accepting suffering as inevitability, you will thereby facilitate them. Try to take everything that happens to you, with tranquility. You immediately become much easier! Life is complex, but a person has enough resources to cope with these difficulties.

    Open your heart to the random order of things andUncertainty! Then in your life there will be magical changes. Will leave a constant feeling of frustration, resentment, hopelessness. Learn to have fun from any life experience, learn useful lessons from any situations.

  2. There is nothing permanent!
    Any pain is temporary, suffering will end. Everything passes, in the world there is nothing permanent. This truth horrifies people who aspire to Stable life, But at the same time it is a consolation forThose who are now going through difficult times. The world around us and we are in it in constant movement. The idea of ​​impermanence always allows you to wait for change and hope for the best.

  3. You can change.
    All people are able to change, there is nothingConstant, and a permanent personality, too, can not be. You can work on yourself, change for the better, develop your strengths! It means that your life and the way you live it depend only on you. Become better, and the world will give you more than you have now. Do not become attached to the material, value people, not things. You will know the real wealth.
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Each of us should think about these Buddhist truths. So simple and so unusual for us Rules of happiness Can change lives. This knowledge helps to find spiritual harmony!

Try to look at what is happening in a new way! It's a chance to begin a new life.