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How to clean the house of negative energy

The atmosphere in the house should be comfortable and cozy,So that you can feel good in him. But not always the house is filled with energy of relaxation. Why does this happen? The fact is that the apartment absorbs the mood of all members of the family. You probably noticed that sometimes, when you enter an apartment, you are enveloped Sense of harmony, I do not want to leave this house.

In rooms with poor energy there is a feeling of discomfort, cold, dislike. To learn how to create in your home Good atmosphere, You need to own several secrets of feng shui, which we will open to you today.

Feng shui against negative energy

beautiful room

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things.
    Objects that you have not used for more than a year, emit a negative Energy of poverty And prevent the appearance of wealth and wealth in the house.
  2. Take off the bad energy from yourself.
    Take a shower, but pre-sodium body salt. Kitchen salt is a powerful vehicle for energy and it is capable of removing from you its bad component.
  3. Conduct energy "healing" dishes, mirrors, furniture.
    For this you need to throw all the dishes with cracks or broken parts, even if these items are very valuable to you.

    To clean the mirrors, wipe them with a damp clothIn a circular motion 9 times clockwise. Together with the dust, you will remove all negative energy. "Heal" the furniture can be using a wax candle, rotating it clockwise around the interior items.

  4. Do a general cleaning in the house.
    Open all the windows and carefully ventilate the room,Wipe the walls, floors and windows with a weak saline solution. In particular, pay attention to the cleanliness of the corners of all rooms and the place in front of the door. And do not forget to rinse the rag in running water more often.
  5. Decorate rooms with aromatic chopsticks or church candles.
    Start at the threshold and continue to move clockwise.
  6. Put some salt in the corners of the rooms.
    It perfectly absorbs negative energy. Leave salt for a period of not less than three days. After that, put it into the toilet.

These simple tips will help you get back into the house Good energy And get rid of the negative. Conduct these rituals in your home, and you'll immediately notice the changes!