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20 inventions for the kitchen

Often we do not even think about what objects we use in the kitchen. Most probably have a mass of objects that were used by mothers or even grandmothers. Today "so simple!" Made for you a selection of inventions for the kitchen, which even the inveterate skeptic, who is not enthusiastic about the novelties, will like. They are significantly Make life easier And make staying in the kitchen a pleasure!

20 inventions for the kitchen

  1. Original magic sticks for salt and pepper.
  2. Pepper and saltwich

  3. A device that quickly and safely slices a vegetable for cooking French fries.
  4. Gadget for slicing vegetables

  5. The device for those who like to hold all sorts of things over fire, now allows you to do it at home.
  6. Kitchen gadgets

  7. Separator for kitchen drawers.
  8. Kitchen gadgets

  9. A device that measures the amount of spaghetti per serving or more.
  10. Kitchen gadgets

  11. A stunning appliance that prepares a frozen fruit dessert.
  12. Kitchen gadgets

  13. A special holder for the tablet when used in the kitchen.
  14. Kitchen gadgets

  15. A device that softens meat and marries it with spices.
  16. Kitchen gadgets

  17. Holder for packages.
  18. Kitchen gadgets

  19. A useful bowl with a compartment for ice, thanks to which fruits and vegetables will stay fresh for longer.
  20. Kitchen gadgets

  21. Corolla, which easily turns into a scapula, allowing scraping out of the bowl of the remains of whipped cream.
  22. Kitchen gadgets

  23. A device with which you can cut corn from corn.
  24. Kitchen gadgets

  25. Device for rapid removal of the core of apples.
  26. Kitchen gadgets

  27. With the help of these molds, you can make ice that will pass through the neck of the bottle.
  28. Kitchen gadgets

  29. A device that will help cut vegetables and fruits into long, thin strips.
  30. Kitchen gadgets

  31. Organizer for knives.
  32. Kitchen gadgets

  33. A device that will keep the freshness of chips and other loose products inside open packages.
  34. Kitchen gadgets

  35. This grill clip will not allow any small products to roll or fall through the grate.
  36. Kitchen gadgets

  37. Mill for fresh greens.
  38. Kitchen gadgets

  39. Jar in the form of lipstick.
  40. Kitchen gadgets

I would buy a few of these devices, because they are really comfortable and do not take up much space in the kitchen!

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