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Binder to save space in the refrigerator

In the fridge or in the freezer is veryOften there is not enough free space. Especially noticeable in the pre-holiday period. This situation is probably familiar to everyone. There is such that in the refrigerator there is a small mess, and it's not about sloppiness, but in inefficient organization of space. Such a stationery as Clamp, Will help to bring you order on the shelves and a little simplify the way of life.

How to use a paper clip

  1. To use every centimeter of the refrigerator space, keep open Food packaging, Attaching them with clips to the shelf. It's very simple and convenient. While the products will always be hermetically sealed. Another advantage is that the bag will not get lost and will not freeze to the back wall of the freezer.
  2. Not all refrigerators have a special compartment for storing bottles. On the shelf they take up a lot of space. Use a large clerical clamp for Storage of bottles. This little lifhook will help you save space. For reliability, we advise you to attach one more clamp.

Who would have thought that a binder can be used not only for ordering securities. You can also connect your imagination and use a paper clip for other purposes.

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