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Useful things for children and parents

Then, what difficulties are hidden in the life of the parent,Can be fully understood only when you have your own son. But to our joy, progress does not stand still, and every day there are new inventions designed to simplify everything complicated and make everything unpleasant as pleasant as possible.

These 16 inventions will be appreciated by those who have Small children. With them your life will change dramatically. Learn about all sorts of usefulness, master them or buy on the Internet together with "so simple!"

Inventions for children and their parents

  1. this nipple Slams when you drop it. Very hygienic.
  2. nipple

  3. A bag for a child With a hood and a pocket for hands - an ideal option, so as not to freeze on a cold day.
  4. A bag for a child

  5. A convenient way to swaddle a baby.
  6. Sleeping bag for baby

  7. Here so it is possible to slip a child a medicine.
  8. Cup for medicines

  9. Such a separator allows you not to collect a full bath and do not stuff other containers into it.
  10. Separator for bathroom

  11. This nipple can be chewed with all your teeth at the same time.
  12. Modern nipple

  13. Teat-thermometer - A simple way to measure the temperature of an infant.
  14. Teat-thermometer

  15. special Baby shower.
  16. Baby shower

  17. Hang a mailbox in your kid's room and send him letters and small gifts.
  18. mailbox

  19. During long trips in the car, this tray for games and food - just irreplaceable.
  20. Food tray

  21. A baby carriage that transforms into a bicycle for moms.
  22. Buggy-buggy

  23. Liquid food can be poured into these drinkers. Very clean and comfortable.
  24. Drinking bowl

  25. A pretty bathing seat.
  26. Bathing seat

  27. In the plane the mother and child will feel great thanks to this hammock.
  28. Hammock

  29. That the kid calmed down and thought over his behavior, it is not necessary to put him in a corner. Especially when there is a special highchair for punishments, which itself counts the time spent on it.
  30. Stool with hourglass

  31. This functional cradle can be attached to a chair or bed.
  32. Outboard cot

You probably already want at least half of the items from this list! Many of them are on sale on the Internet, the rest is easy to do yourself.

Include fantasy, and you will have more ideas, how you can simplify the life of the parent. Share your thoughts with us and other readers in the comments!