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How to stop buying unnecessary things

Probably, every man went to the store at least once in his life for bread, and returned from there with a large package of various delicacies, without which it would be quite possible to do without.

common situation? We will tell you why it happens and how to stop doing it Unnecessary purchases.

You just went into the supermarket, and clever marketing tricks are already beginning to act on you. it is called Psychology of advertising.

What manipulations are used Pr-managers, So you buy more? Especially they are activated during the crisis, as sales fall significantly. Learn about it and do not let yourself be deceived!


Tricks of marketers

  • When a person sees in the store a 50% discount orA gift to buy, then he can give in to an impulse and acquire an unnecessary thing. In this case, only the owner of the store who sells stale things wins. In any case, he will receive from her income, although less than expected. And you will help him in this.
  • So that the client spent more time in the store, use good music and pleasant lighting.
  • Goods that have a price slightly higher than their alternative, stand on the shelves at eye level.
  • Buyers who tried sample products at the tasting shop, in 90% of cases buy it. Even if they do not really need it.
  • Milk and bread departments are always inThe end of the supermarket, since these are essential products. People who go to these departments, go through many others. And at the same time make unnecessary purchases.
  • In some clothing stores things areTables. Why not hang them on hangers, because there is so much space around? But here comes into force yet another trick. People who picked up some thing, most likely, will buy it, because it is soft and pleasant to the touch.

How to stop buying unnecessary things

  • Compile a list of products and calculate approximately all your expenses for these purchases.
  • Take the amount of money that does not exceed your limit.
  • Before going to the store you must eat, as there is a high probability that you will buy unnecessary and harmful products.
  • If you do not plan a large purchase, do not take the cart. Better take a basket.
  • Do not buy many products with a limited shelf life. UN representatives report that one third of food products are thrown out in the world every year.
  • When you stand in line to pay for purchases, do not consider the small commodity spread along it. Do not buy trifles if they are not on your list. Better take yourself by counting the amount of purchases.

How to stop buying unnecessary clothes

  • Low price is not a serious reason for buying an unnecessary thing. Stop visiting websites with clothes of questionable quality at low prices.
  • Do not go on about fashion, trust your own style. No matter how fashionable or new clothes are, think first of all whether it suits you.
  • If you doubt whether you need this or that thing, refrain from buying. Give yourself a day to think. In most cases, the person refuses his idea the next day.
  • If the purchase helps you to remove stress, then find a substitute for this method. It can be a meeting with friends, going to the movies or going to the gym.

Do not waste your salary on unnecessary things, it's better to put it off for big, necessary purchases, as well as for travel or for a deposit.

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