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5 things that Facebook knows about us

You never thought about how much you know about you Social networks, In which you are used to spending time? Even if we do not take into account the information that we indicate on the page of our profile, they know quite a lot.

the Internet Creates a sense of privacy and security, but this impression is deceptive, because as a result of pastime in the web, many data about us fall into the wrong hands.


What does facebook know about you

  1. how do you look like
    Unexpected, right? Thanks to a special program, this social network is capable of recognizing faces. So if someone uploads a photo with a person that looks like you, facebook will invite him to tag you in this photo. For reference: google also has a similar program.
  2. Which sites do you visit
    Facebook knows all about what sites you visit, and also uses the data of some Applications for smartphones. This information is used toShow each person an advertisement that interests him exactly. For example, if you came to the site of a hotel reservation in Turkey, be prepared that this kind of content will pop up long after your visit to this portal.
  3. Your relationship with other users of the social network
    Here already users often indicate theirSecond half, add friends to the lists by kinship, work, school and others. Also in such lists, someone added and you - if so look, you can learn quite a lot about each. Also the social network facebook knows how often and whom you searched with the help of the site.
  4. Your location and movement
    If you go to facebook from a smartphone, the network will know about your Whereabouts And all movements, as well as about what establishments you visit, where you go for shopping, etc. abroad, even a special function that shows friends who are nearby.
  5. your interests
    Facebook collects data about what everyone loved them. So you can learn about it almost anything, starting with your favorite films, books, music and ending with political preferences.

Well, as a naive idea that inNo one sees the Internet, what do you do, have evaporated? It is better to know how things are in fact, and to draw conclusions about what to allow or not to learn about social networks.

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