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Sites for free education

Many successful people have long come to the conclusion that it is best to invest in yourself. The personal resource will not depreciate or deteriorate. Practice Self-education And you will see how all roads in this world open before you. What to do if there is no possibility to pay for training, but there is a thirst for knowledge?

Help come Online resources For free education. In this case you need to invest only your time and nothing more. We have collected 10 resources for you that will help you develop and improve.

  1. Academy of khan
    Once a young man, a graduate of the prestigiousUniversity, learned that his cousin had problems with math at school. He decided to come to her aid and began to record videos for her and upload them to youtube. These videos have become instantly popular. Then the guy opened his educational resource. On this site you will find a huge database of video lessons in more than 20 languages.
  2. Intuition
    Is an Internet university that providesOpportunity to get higher education. It is also possible to retrain staff and improve their skills. Full-fledged education is paid, but the site has free courses in various fields of knowledge. After their passage you can get an electronic certificate.
  3. Tufts open courseware
    A great site in English for those who do not like the lengthy process of registration with their personal data. Lecture material on a variety of topics is available in the form of slides.
  4. Universal
    On this resource you will find freeEducational courses of the best teachers of famous universities, as well as scientific centers. Courses include video lectures, homework, tests, group work and evaluation of results.
  5. Learning space: the open university
    All the materials here are divided according to the age of readers and topics. Lecture material can be downloaded to your computer.
  6. Lecture hall
    On this site you can find a large number of lectures in Russian. Also download materials from interesting scientific conferences.
  7. Ted
    One of the most popular resources withFree videos. Almost all are accompanied by titles in Russian. You can not only view scientists on the conference website, but also get acquainted with the ideas of successful entrepreneurs, psychologists, artists and so on.
  8. Yandex school
    Because Internet technologies are developing very well.The demand for personnel in this sphere is growing rapidly. You can enroll in the "Yandex school" and learn more about the field of processing and analyzing data and extracting information from the Internet.
  9. Colorsa
    An excellent resource with homework, their testing, tests and exams. Courses are held in various fields of knowledge.
  10. Edx
    An excellent site for those who do not have problems with English, and for those who want to choose a course for their liking, for example, in music.

"Who wants, he seeks opportunities, who does not want - he searches for reasons", Said Socrates. Do not look for excuses, get your education today. You will not regret having spent your time on such a useful lesson as Self-development.

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