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How fast to fall asleep

Has it ever happened to you that you've been lying in bed for hours on end, but Does not go to sleep? Like the day was difficult, and tired, but thoughts swarm in the head, and the internal dialogue does not stop for a minute ...

All attempts to fall asleep end in failure, you do not get enough sleep, and the next day again you can not sleep normally? Well, this may have its own reasons, which you will now find out.

How quickly to fall asleep?

Sleeping girl

  1. You rushed all day like a madman, not giving yourselfTake a minute to breathe. The brain needs time to digest everything that happened during the day and calm down. Try to take yourself an hour before going to bed free time, When you could turn off all the gadgets and enjoy something soothing - a walk, reading, talking with loved ones.
  2. Drank a lot of coffee? Try to avoid caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. In addition, there are foods that cause drowsiness. This is chicken meat, flour products.
  3. You are worried because you areTo do. But it is better not to make a list of all that is to be done, to post the case by day and the degree of significance. Transferring plans to paper, you release your head from them.
  4. Scroll through the head for various solutions to the problem?
    You need to realize that the middle of the night is not the bestTime to solve problems. There is no point in planning anything now and thinking out, still everything will happen as it should. Also do not dig in the situations of the past, let them go and let yourself live the present moment. And all you need right now is to sleep well.
  5. If you feel Causeless alarm, Try to make a list of things before going to bed, for which you are grateful. It calms and adjusts to a more relaxed mode, which entails serene dreams.
  6. You, perhaps, are greatly agitated by life. Very often the rhythm of our lives and the desire to live to their fullest affect the quality of sleep. If you feel that you can not relax, get up and do something quiet and as boring as possible - read the books, understand the papers. this should help.

Before bedtime, select a little Time for rest. Do not eat caffeine and heavy food. Turn off the computer, phone, TV and leisurely do something quiet. Can not sleep? Get up and read a book or get out in the house. You can take a bath or take a walk in the fresh air.

These simple ways will improve the quality of your sleep and allow you to be fresh and vigorous the next day.