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Secrets of the makeup of Hollywood stars

Perfect skin Hollywood stars always caused me envy. How do all these people manage to look great every day? Under any circumstances, the face of the star is impeccable ... of course, this is not the merit of the celebrity. She's just an excellent make-up artist!

World-class makeup artists are proud of theirProfessional secrets and carefully hide them. But you have a chance to enrich yourself with a small piece of knowledge about the star makecap. Imagine that you walk on the red carpet almost every day, and your face is the standard of beauty.

How the Hollywood stars are painted

As it turned out, everything is decided by the basis, which is applied to the stars on the skin under the make-up. You can look chic all the time, if you use the right cosmetic products.

Base for face, Made of non-toxic silicone, makes the skinBeautiful. No flaws, a healthy complexion, dullness - just a dream! A makeup base can hide a lot of cosmetic problems. No extended pores, acne scars, moles! Even for one evening. Many Hollywood beauties without this miracle-base look not the same as we used to see them.


  1. One more original cosmetic product, which is now popular, - Cream with skin highlighting effect. This cream reflects the light from the skin, because the faceShines as if from the inside. The skin looks taut, young, healthy. As a substitute for this cream you can use salicylic acid. Add salicylic acid to your day cream, do a light facial massage. When you wash the cream, the skin will be radiant and smooth!
  2. To create the effect of chubby lips, use the essential oil of cinnamon. It will make the lips noticeably larger.
  3. tanned skin All year round - it's great! Use a bronzing powder of a pink-brown hue, avoid orange tones. For a perfect application of powder, choose a brush thicker.
  4. Too thin and too dark eyebrows do not paintNobody. Correct the error: thin eyebrows must be corrected. To smooth the color of too dark eyebrows, cover them with light shadows. For a better shape, you can fix them with hair wax.
    Angelina Jolie
  5. Makeup tool under your eyes choose withBluish tinge. Blue color helps to reflect light, it will make the eyes more vivid and expressive. Apply the product with patting movements, driving the cream into the face, do not need to smear.
  6. So that the eyeliner is perfectly kept the whole evening, add a drop of "visiting" to it. Durability is ensured!
  7. For fast Removal of puffiness from the face Place the spoon in the iced water. Chilled metal will cause the skin of the face to tone very quickly! It is useful to do this every morning.

To look irresistible always - it is possible! Try to apply these secret techniques, you will definitely like their effect. You deserve the best, like your girlfriends. Give them this valuable information, they will be happy.