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Crafts for children

That in a house with energetic children reigned tranquility, they need to constantly occupy something. Especially when the weather does not allow walking, this problem becomes very urgent.

We made a selection for you Ideas for craftsThat you can put into practice together withYour child. All children love to make something with their own hands. When the result of their work is not only beautiful, but it can be useful for something, it's just wonderful. Children, and adults, will be delighted!

Crafts for children

  1. Original flower bed
    From old children's shoes can make beautiful Vases for flowers And decorate their territory near the house or villa. Tell the child how to plant the seeds and take care of the plants. Plant the flower together!
  2. Flower bed in rubber boots

  3. Crafts of cones
    There are many ideas, How to use bumps. For example, you can make them a Christmas tree or a bright decor element. Take a high glass vase, beautiful bumps and acrylic paints.

    Let the baby paint every bump so that it does notThere were gaps. Leave the cones to dry. After the products have dried, place them with your child in the vase. This simple hand-made article looks very nice and stylish in a modern interior.

  4. Colorful cones

  5. Bright apron
    Buy a plain apron and acrylic water-based paints. And then you can turn on the fantasy and paint the apron as your heart desires!

    The child will definitely like this occupation. You can also decorate old T-shirts and jeans that are not pathetic.

  6. Bright apron

  7. Unique cup
    To make an original cup, which is moreThere will be no one, you just need to paint it unusually. Buy a single-colored mug, special paints for ceramics and let the child draw whatever he wants. Tea from such a cup will be the most delicious in the world!
  8. Cup with a pattern

  9. Colorful cup holder
    Let the child decorate the sticks of ice cream inThose colors that he likes. Then glue them together to the sticks that will serve as the base, as in the photo. The original stand, made by own hands is ready!
  10. Cup holder

    Cup holder

  11. Magnets from salted dough
    Prepare salty dough. Add one glass of salt, 3/4 cups of water and two glasses of wheat flour to the bowl. Knead the dough, it should not stick to your hands or crumble.

    Then cut out the figurines together with the child. They need to be cooked or baked in the oven. Give the crumbs to decorate the figures and glue the magnets together.

  12. Magnets from salted dough

  13. Beautiful candlestick
    Take a jar with the child and spread it onGlue from the outside. Pour sea salt of any shade onto a plate. Then roll the jar into the salt. Let it dry. Then inside you can put a candle and enjoy the beauty.
  14. candlestick

  15. Bath salt
    Give the child to mix sea salt with a few drops of essential oils and food coloring. In the end should be an excellent bath salt.
  16. Bath salt

  17. trinket
    Fix the ring to one end of the wire. Let the kid thread beads on the wire. Then knot the knot at the second end. Beautiful key chain ready!
  18. trinket

  19. Interesting food
    You can always cook with your baby something beautiful and tasty. The main thing is to interest him. Take the heart shaped forms and let the kid make a beautiful treat himself.
  20. Fruit in the form of hearts

    Unusual fruits

You can always think of what to do with a child, the main thing is to include fantasy and have a desire.

Share these interesting ideas for crafts with your friends! Their kids will definitely like it.