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Dietician advice

For those who want to lose weight instantly, there is a huge number of diets. But they do not always work, and very often they are harmful to health. Most doctors from around the world advise moving to Proper nutrition, Do not starve yourself, play sports and drink plenty of water.

We collected 25 Advice of an experienced nutritionist, Which are very effective and testedTime. Following these recommendations, you will lose weight gradually, and also your state of health will improve significantly with time. Agree, the main thing is not weight loss, but health.

Advice from a nutritionist

  1. A day you need to drink you need to drink a certainAmount of water. The World Health Organization estimated that the minimum amount of water for a person is 30 ml per kilogram of weight. That is, a 60-kilogram person a day should drink at least 1 liter of 800 ml of water.
  2. Alcohol can be consumed, but very rarely and not more than one glass of natural red dry wine.
  3. After waking up you should drink on an empty stomach A glass of warm water with lemon. It is recommended to have breakfast after at least half an hour.
  4. Drink water before each meal for half an hour. Do not drink water with water. After eating, you can drink water only after 40 minutes. At first it will be a bit difficult, but then you will get used to and notice a positive result.
  5. So that the body does not enter into a saving mode and does not accumulate fat stores, eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.
    Advice from a nutritionist
  6. After 18:00 there is and can be. Just something easy and no later than three hours before bedtime.
  7. Drink tea and coffee without sugar and other sweeteners.
  8. Do not eat potatoes every day. The use of this product 2-3 times a week in a boiled or baked form is allowed.
  9. Eat fruit, but at the same time limit the very high-calorie. For example, eat bananas and grapes no more than twice a week.
  10. So as not to harm the figure and health, you can do a fasting day only once a week.
  11. The most suitable time for playing sports comes closer to 6 o'clock in the evening. It is better to finish the training until 20:00.
  12. Do an easy exercise every day in the morning for at least 10 minutes. With this procedure you can improve metabolism and cheer yourself up.
  13. The most important meal is breakfast. Do not miss it.
  14. For dinner, serve soups, salads, boiled meat, bread, vegetables and fruits.
  15. On a mid-morning snack, eat a salad of vegetables or drink low-fat kefir with a biscuit biscuit.
    Elderly woman with strawberries
  16. For dinner, it is best to eat cottage cheese, baked or boiled fish or meat, stewed vegetables.
  17. Use Low-calorie fruit in the first half of the day.
  18. Stop frying food, even in olive oil.
  19. The best dressing for a salad will be natural yoghurt. You can also use sour cream or linseed oil.
  20. If you want to have Beautiful figure And be healthy, then completely give up harmful food: fast food, crackers, chips and so on. Forget about the sweet water with the dyes.
    A girl on a diet
  21. You do not have to limit yourself too much. A bit of black bitter chocolate, a little dried apricots or prunes do not rest on your waist.
  22. Know the measure in the use of flour, if you can not completely exclude from the diet.
  23. Eat slowly and carefully Chew on food.
  24. Take vitamins, especially in the spring.
  25. Do not succumb to stress and exercise regularly.

Adhere to these recommendations, and you will see how your state of health, mood and health improve every day.

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