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Unusual use of household items

Small secrets can simplify your life and make it more interesting. If you use any household trifle creatively, life becomes much easier, but at the same time - brighter!

These 20 resourceful ways Application of ordinary things Will show you how to really use them. It turns out that even a cardboard cylinder from toilet paper can be useful!

Unusual use of household items

  1. The remaining paper or wrapping paper can be conveniently stored with Paper cylinder From toilet paper or napkins.
    Cylinder from toilet paper
  2. To find your baggage At the airport, mark it with something bright: a colored ribbon will help you find out your suitcase from thousands of others.
    Tape on a suitcase
  3. Do not forget to make a bed bin Paper. So garbage will be much easier to throw away, the paper will absorb excess moisture and odors.
  4. If you have to carry non-washed things from a rest, do not despond. Put a piece of soap between them, the smell will be pleasant.
    Clothes and soap
  5. I can not get it wick Decorative candles? Try to use for this long macaroni, very convenient!
    Macaroni in a candle
  6. Stickers Help you easily clean the keyboard. Adhesive paper base will collect all the dirt, even in hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard.
    Cleaning the keyboard
  7. Increase the space of your closet! Using the usual Tuck-off, You can connect the two hangers together. Now everything will fit!
    How to connect hangers
  8. Color the keys in different colors with nail polish, so you can quickly find the right one.
    Multi-colored keys
  9. Buttoning jewelry is much easier if you use a clip for this purpose.
    Clip for jewelry
  10. Fried eggs in a ring of bell peppers or onions - and beautiful, and very easy!
    Scrambled eggs in pepper
  11. Another way to use a paper sleeve. With its help you will carefully lay out all your cords from the machinery, and in this way it is very easy to transport them!
    Storage of wires
  12. dental floss Help you cut a cake or pie evenly.
    dental floss
  13. Hangers for trousers Turns into a convenient stand for books and magazines. Can even serve as a music stand!
    Hangers for trousers
  14. Warm up the food in the microwave evenly! For this you only need to lay out the warmed dish on a plate in a circle.
    How to warm up the food
  15. Frozen grapes Cools alcoholic beverages better than ice. Grapes do not turn into water and do not dilute alcohol! Make a supply of frozen grapes for the next party.
    Frozen grapes
  16. Many modern TVs have a usb-out, through which you can charge your phone! A wonderful idea for travelers.
    Usb output
  17. Inflatable balls can be adapted as convenient ice molds.
    Ice in the balls
  18. Spoon for ice cream Useful to all lovers of juicy fruits. Kiwi, watermelon and melon eat it very easily!
    Spoon for ice cream
  19. A naughty hose can be harnessed if you tie it into a loose knot.
    How to tie a hose
  20. Packages with frozen food should be tied up with the cut off top of the same packages. Ingeniously!
    Packages with frozen food

These tips will be useful not only for the hostesses. Whatever you do, the original use of familiar things will help you.

Tell us about your ideas in the comments, tell others how to make life easier! A person is capable of incredible ingenuity, following his goal.