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Basic rules of composition

Steve Makkari - a real genius of photography and the author of the picture "Afghan girl". Today he will reveal to you several important secrets, which, of course, will not make the best photographer in the world of you, but will bring you to the creation of a masterpiece.

Without these basic rules of composition, it is impossible to create Good shot. This is illustrated by the example of the work of Steve.

Basic rules of composition

  1. Rule of thirds
    Important parts of the composition must be placed along the lines and at their intersection.
  2. Rule of thirds

    Rule of thirds

    Rule of thirds

    Rule of thirds

  3. Leading lines
    You can also use natural lines to focus the viewer's attention.
  4. Leading lines

    Leading lines

  5. Diagonal lines
    Properly selected lines give the picture dynamic.
  6. Diagonal lines

    Diagonal lines

  7. Framing
    Natural frames, such as windows or doors look good.
  8. Framing


  9. Relation of shape and background
    Find the contrast between the subject and the background.
  10. the photo

    the photo

  11. Fill the frame
    Come closer to the one you are shooting.
  12. frame


  13. Dominant eye
    Try to arrange the right or left eye in the center of the composition. This gives greater expression to the look of the beholder.
  14. Dominant eye

    Dominant eye

  15. Textures and repetition of images
    Play with the textures and tear them apart, adding bright elements.
  16. texture



  17. symmetry
    The harmony of the two halves is pleasing to the eye.
  18. symmetry


In this video, these 9 rules are clearly shown:

If you do not release a camera from your hands, learn these rules by heart, because they will not be useful to you in life and will bring you closer to creating a real masterpiece.