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Treatment of kidney soda

Sodium bicarbonate (nahco3), or simply baking soda, - in fact, the salt ... but not just salt, butAcidic sodium salt of carbonic acid! This white crystalline powder with a pronounced brackish taste was first obtained artificially by a French chemist by the lebanon in the late nineteenth century.

Today we can not even imagine our ownEveryday life without baking soda. This product is equally useful for cooking, and for everyday life, and for health ... thanks to its universality, the areas of its application are in fact a great variety.


By the way, about health! Soda is important for the human body. It neutralizes the accumulated acids, replenishes the alkaline reserves of the body, thereby maintaining the norm Acid-base balance And inhibiting acidosis.

For example, soda, dissolved in milk, is an excellent cough softening agent, as it perfectly dilutes sputum. And to cope with a runny nose will help instill in the nose of a weak Soda solution. Gargling with a soda diluted in water helps to relieve pain and inflammation ...

Treatment of kidney soda

According to recent studies by UK physicians, soda can significantly alleviate the condition of patients suffering from Renal insufficiency Even in severe forms. Soda, neutralizing excess acids, makes urine alkaline, which facilitates the work of the kidneys, preserves glutamic acid, prevents the deposition of kidney stones.

Treatment of kidney soda

A focus group of 134 patientsLondon Royal Hospital, which for a year along with conventional medicines took once a day a little soda. A year later, their analyzes were compared to analyzes of people who did not take part in the study.

The results are amazing! The kidneys of the subjects became much better and significantly different from the original. It was also found that even those patients who needed dialysis - The mechanical process of removing the products of decay with the help of a device that partially performs the function of the kidneys.

The results of a study by Professor Mardi Jakub, published in the journal of the american society of nephrology, have proved that soda is a powerful medicine for the treatment and Restoration of kidneys With renal failure. But the doctor specifies: doses of soda should be selected strictly individually under the supervision of a specialist!

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