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Pain in neck and nape of the neck

Stiff neck Usually accompanied by painful sensations andDifficulties in the work of the neck. Especially when you try to turn your head to the side. This ailment makes a person turn around with his whole body to look away or look back.

That is, when talking about Muscle stiffness, They mean a sharp increase in their tone,Hardness and resistance to normal contractions inherent in a healthy human body. Accompanied by stiff neck muscles headache, pain in the neck, shoulders or arms. What these symptoms are saying and how to relieve yourself of the pain, you will be told by the editorial staff "so simple!".

Pain in the neck and occiput

Most common cause of stiff neckMuscle is the sprain of the ligaments or muscles, especially the scapula. These muscles control the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. Also, the cause of rigidity may be congenital pathology.

Causes of muscle strain

  1. Sleep in the wrong position, which leads to tension in the muscles of the neck.
  2. Sports neck injuries.
  3. Any activity that includes constant head turns.
  4. Bad posture, for example, when a person strongly stoops while working at the computer.
  5. Excessive stress, which leads to tension in the neck.
  6. Wrong position of the neck for a long period. For example, a person has a habit of often talking on the phone, pressing the receiver to his ear with his shoulder.

In addition, the stiffness of the occipital muscles can signal the appearance of more severe ailments. There are a number of life-threatening diseases, accompanied by Hypertension of the muscles of the neck. It can be either inflammation of the brain as a result of infection, or bleeding in the brain.

Possible diseases

  1. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine
  2. Cervical arthritis
  3. meningitis
  4. stroke
  5. encephalitis
  6. Parkinsonism

Every time the stiff neck is accompanied by fever, it is advisable to seek Medical care To check for these symptoms. Because self-medication can hurt you, especially if it concerns the neck and back.

If you suffer from rigidity of the occipital muscles,Then you know that this is an unpleasant question, which is very distracting from everyday activities. We offer you a video with exercises that will help ease the pain in just 90 seconds! Everything needs to be done slowly and smoothly so that the muscles can stretch out and relax a little.

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