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What you can not wear to low girls

Girls always try to keep up with the times, forgetting about Shortcomings of his figure Or about improper growth. Do not immediately run for a fashion thing, just because you saw it on the podium, because you do not know whether it suits you or not.

"so simple!" Has prepared several tips for girls with low growth. If you are not above 160 centimeters, you should forget about the things that are described below.

That you can not wear to low girls

  1. big bags
    They will just close you. Choose bags that will match your height.
    Low growth
  2. Midi skirts
    This length is absolutely not suitable for low girls. Pay attention to the skirts to the knees and above.
    Low growth
  3. Boots up to the middle of calves
    Ankle boots just above the shin will suit you a lot more.
    Low growth
  4. Tunics
    Tunics were created for tall girls.
    Low growth
  5. Round Nosed Shoes
    Choose pointed noses to slightly extend the legs.
    Low growth
  6. Multilayeredness
    Do not put on your entire wardrobe at once. This is not the best solution for low girls.
    Low growth
  7. Dresses-shirts
    Not your option.
    Low growth
  8. Square tops
    This top and truth will make you square.
    Low growth
  9. Silk sweaters
    You are more suitable pants made of dense fabric.
    Low growth
  10. Skirts in the floor
    In such a skirt would be like a bell.
    Low rise clothing
  11. Horizontal stripes
    Use vertical bars, they will stretch you.
    Low rise wardrobe
  12. Bermuda
    it's not for you.
    Low growth
  13. Dress of "tea length"
    If you want to show the legs, then choose a dress of the same length.
    Low rise photo clothing
  14. Overalls with print
    They will make you lower, better choose monochrome overalls.
    Low growth
  15. Shoes with an ankle strap
    Such shoes visually cut the legs in half, making them shorter.
    Low growth
  16. Baggy jeans
    They visually weight the appearance and make you even smaller.
    Low growth

Try not to make mistakes, following the new trends of fashion, so as not to look stupid. Better choose clothes that fit your figure and height. then Fashion trends You will not be worth it, because you will look great!