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How to communicate with an unpleasant person

In an ideal world every person with whom you communicate will be attentive, kind, generous, sympathetic and so on. These people will understand any jokes without offense ...

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Most of us in everyday life there are people who cause negative emotions. Sometimes we know why this happens, sometimes not. From this can not escape, we have to work and communicate with people who are unpleasant to us.

"so simple!" Prepared seven tips to help you stay calm in the process. Communication with people, Which you do not like.

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Rules of communication with an unpleasant person

  1. Begin with yourself
    When you communicate with the person who youUnpleasant, remember - you can not change it, but you can change the attitude towards it. Take control of your emotions. This person is not worth the nerves that you spend on it.
  2. Stay neutral
    In a controversial situation, do not find out which of you is right. Let everyone stay with their opinions on a specific issue and keep their nerves.
  3. "what if… ?"
    This question will allow you to consider communication withAn unpleasant person from a different angle. You perceive a relationship with this person as negative, but even in this situation you can see something good. Try to consider positive aspects in a person and mark them for yourself. "What if he wished me well?" - Ask yourself.

    Very often people do not notice the good. We believe that this goes without saying. But when a person does something wrong, we immediately notice it.

    Try to praise and support the unpleasantYou are a man when he really deserves it. In response to time you will hear the same thing. After a while you will cease to regard him as an unpleasant person.

  4. Increase space
    Go to work in another room, sit down at the other end of the conference table, try to communicate more with other people. Ignoring is an effective way.

    When you answer, continues to communicate with a person. If you say that you are busy and do not have time to talk, then An uncomfortable interlocutor Nothing will remain, except to shift one's attention to someone else.

  5. Delimit boundaries
    Clearly decide for yourself what you can endure, andThat is not, and adhere to these boundaries. About his limits of patience, warn the person who is trying to break them. You must make it clear what is inadmissible for you and what the consequences may be.
  6. Do not take too much to heart
    If a person is bad about you, do notIt is worth taking it to heart. Perhaps he is so critical of everyone around him. There are people who are always dissatisfied with everything. Listen only to those people whose opinion is authoritative for you.
  7. be honest
    Straightforwardness and openness will help you get rid ofUnpleasant people. If you can not help someone - do not justify yourself, just say no. If you do not want to communicate with someone, just tell the person in a soft form. Some people do not even know what annoys you.

You can not change someone, but you can Change one's attitude To the person. Use these tips, and then your life will be much better!

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