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Why can not I lose weight?

Everyone wishing to lose weight people come acrossThe problem of fat on the abdomen. Why does not excess weight leave this problem zone? The sagging fat stomach looks unattractive and delivers trouble to its owner.

But a healthy layer of fat at the waist should be, because the fat in this place protects from injury internal organs. The problem occurs when fat is more than necessary.

These 10 facts will explain to you why you can not lose weight and remove excess centimeters from the abdomen. Arm yourself Recommendations of nutritionists, And you will achieve the desired result!

Why can not I lose weight

  1. Ineffective workouts
    If you have a desire to tighten your stomach, first of all pay attention to how you are training. The more active your training, the better it affects the burning of fat in the abdomen!

    Do all the exercises at the highest possible speed, make an effort, so that the training will benefit you. Sweat during training is a good sign, it means that fat melts right before your eyes!


  2. Fat-free diet
    Completely depriving yourself of fatty foods during a diet is the wrong decision. It will only slow down the process of losing weight! Be sure to add the right fats to your diet: olive oil, avocado, nuts.
  3. depression
    If you are prone to depression, you certainly have problems with being overweight. Depression paralyzes a person, a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet - her companions.

    Sports increases the number of hormones of happiness in the blood, doing sports, you will not only overcome depression, but will lose weight.


  4. Semi-finished products and sugar
    With carbohydrates you have to be more careful! Sugar in your cup of coffee is the reason that you do not lose weight further. Revise your diet carefully and limit the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates.
  5. Lack of minerals
    Only magnesium alone regulates more than 300Important functions in the body. Drink vitamins with minerals, add bananas and other fruits to your menu so that the body does not suffer from a lack of useful minerals.
  6. Extreme diets
    Recently it has become fashionable to lose weight with the help of soda. This diet contributes to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, be careful!

    The same can be said about diets with carbonated drinks, coffee and chocolate. Limiting caloric intake, continue to eat healthy food!


  7. Hamburgers
    Fast food is very dangerous, only one favoriteA sandwich with a chop can turn into memorable fat deposits on the stomach. Is it worth changing your beauty and health to such dubious pleasures? Replace the hamburger with a piece of red fish: unearthly pleasure and no harm to the figure!
    a fish
  8. alcohol
    Alcohol contributes to the appearance of fat depositsOn the abdomen both in men and in women. This applies not only to strong alcoholic beverages, but also to beer. Control yourself, give up completely from alcohol for the time of active weight loss. The result will be much better!
  9. hormonal disbalance
    During menopause,Body, which contributes to the appearance of excess weight. To adjust the work of the hormonal system, get down to yoga! Yoga brings all the body's systems into balance, normalizes the hormonal background, helps to lose weight.
  10. Boring food
    Add bright vegetables and fruits to dishes - this isHelps to lose weight! Unattractive, boring-looking food makes you sad that you can not get rid of excess weight, the body resists.

    Beautiful, bright and tasty food brings satiety and promotes proper functioning of the digestive system.

    a fish

Now you will definitely achieve the desired goal, mistakesIn losing weight you are not afraid! Do not forget that for a great result you need not only sports and proper nutrition. The main thing is a positive attitude! Generate optimism and hurry to share your active mood with your friends, tell them how to lose weight properly.