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16 useful inventions

Today there is such an abundance of various gadgets that modern man, it would seem, is difficult to surprise. But scientists still manage to create such useful and unusual things, That they immediately want to buy themselves. These objects simplify our lives at home, at work, on travel and even on the street. And in some cases even save lives.

"so simple!" Made for you a selection of super-gadgets that make life much easier.

Inventions for a comfortable life

  1. Mattress for loving couples
  2. Mattress for loving couples

  3. Portable socket, working from the sun
  4. Portable socket

  5. Wake-up mat - will stop ringing only after you get up
  6. Wake-up mat

  7. Citrus spray nozzle
  8. Citrus spray nozzle

  9. Mirror / ironing board
  10. ironing board

  11. Great idea for a small apartment
  12. Idea for a small apartment

  13. Exercise bike
  14. Exercise bike

  15. Chaise lounge with solar panels
  16. Chaise lounge with solar panels

    Chaise lounge with solar panels

  17. Nail polish holder
  18. Nail polish holder

  19. Slicer
  20. Slicer

  21. Bedside table with a tray
  22. Bedside table with a tray

  23. Shoe drying net
  24. Shoe drying net

  25. Exercise ball chair
  26. Exercise ball chair

  27. comfortable Platen for painting
  28. Platen for painting

  29. Batteries that can be charged from usb
  30. Batteries from usb

    <Li Backpack for cyclists with built-in scoreboard</ Li>

    Backpack for cyclists

    Backpack for cyclists

Cool, right? I would have bought a couple for myself in the near future. A socket that works from sunlight is an indispensable gadget for those who often travel.