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6 situations when my mother was right

If you turn back the clock and remember the old times, you will surely remember those hard Teenage years, When it seemed all the time that the whole world was set upagainst us. Then we desperately tried to go against the system, running away from home, becoming representatives of one of the subcultures or falling into depression and closing ourselves from all relatives and friends.

In those young years, we, teenagers, it seemed thatMom does not understand anything about our problems. And yet she also tried to help, listen, politely inquired about how the day went and whether you were hungry and gave good advice.

Only we, teenagers, thought where to find the mother's problems Contemporary youth, That she in general understands and why puts her nose where it is not necessary.

However, having matured, we admit to ourselves thatMom was right. Because she lived more in the world than ours and had seen a lot in her lifetime. But then, in those crazy and rebellious years, we just rolled our eyes and cried nervously in response to any attempt to help: "fuck off, you do not understand anything!"

disobedient child

"so simple!" Wants to remind you of 6 situations when my mother was really right. But you did not believe ...

Mothers' wisdom

  1. Love will come when you do not expect it at all.
    "Well, of course, of course! Maybe you want me to feel better, but I know that I will die all alone. You just console me so that I do not consider myself worthless. I do not believe what you say, it's better to lock up in your room and listen to your favorite music. This is the only thing that can help me to come to my senses ... "

    Many people eventually admit that at the end of theThe ends have ceased to seek the love of all life, princes on a white horse and princesses with a castle as a dowry. Instead, they concentrated on working and finding their vocation, personal development.

    And you know what? It was at the moment when they least expected this, they found their soul mate. Mom knew more ...

  2. If he wants, he will find every opportunity to meet or talk to you.
    "What do you understand?" Maybe in your Stone Age the guys went on desperate deeds to get the hand of their beloved, but now things are different! "

    Now we understand that my mother simply does notHears firsthand what real feelings are. And that the one who really wants to be with you will not play with your feelings. But how many times had to step on the same rake to make sure ...

  3. disobedient child

  4. Do not rush time!
    "Hell, yes, I'm already dreaming about the moment when I'll get out of this stupid city with unbearable people to where no one will know me." I'll move to where people will surely be up to me! "

    The past is history, the future is uncertainty. All that you have is real, live it. What a pity that this wisdom comes with age. Oh, if we always appreciated what we have, as our mother taught us ... and we all hurried to somewhere, not noticing how time flew at the speed of light.

  5. It seems to you that now is the worst time in your life, but it will soon pass.
    "How can you even guarantee that everything will be fine, how can you know this?" The end of the world has already come, there is nothing worse than this! "

    And yet all of us are alive and well and were able to somehow survive those that now seem ridiculous problems. Mom, take off your hat, you were right again.

  6. Children and parents

  7. You'll understand everything a little later, when you grow up.

    "Yes, I'm already grown up, only you do not want to notice it! But you do not understand anything in the modern world and only want me to always obey you ... "

    How absurd were those words then! Could an angry teenager at that time understand what he was carrying. But my mother was right again: we became adults much later, and wisdom came with experience.

  8. Other children are just jealous!
    "Of course, children every now and then, that they envy my stupid pants or T-shirt, which you bought me. Yes they just laugh at me! I never will believe in this nonsense! "

    Only after many years we understand what exactly mother had in mind. Other children envied not to your gear and the way they sit on you, and your stamina endure all their ridicule and teasers.

    People do not like strong and Leaders, So each time they try to somehow omit, humiliate, hurt. Oh, Mom, I would have listened to you before ...

You probably read and wonder how muchAll that is written is the truth. But in fact give a drop of the current wisdom to those stubborn, embittered, depressed teenagers that we used to be ... why then did not we want to listen to my mother and muzzle her? Because she was so right!

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