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15 comedies

What could be better than a good comedy to raise your spirits? in fact of the matter. One problem - really good films, over which you can laugh heartily, is not enough.

There are many Soviet or old American comedies, but we've all seen them hundreds of times. If you like a good movie with good humor, we have prepared for you A selection of films, Which will make you laugh to tears!

Great comedies

  1. Jeeves and wooster / jeeves and wooster
    Steven Frai created a completely inimitable imageValet of the jeeves. He is clever, cunning and completely unruffled. He is a friend, mentor and nanny, always close and on the alert. Hugh Laurie has superbly played the young slobbering aristocrat Bertie Wooster, kind, funny, a bit stupid, but absolutely charming.
  2. Jeeves and wooster

  3. election Day
    One of the main advantages of the film is his plot. If you are tired in the evening and you want to see an easy film, then the "election day" will do just fine. There is no need to understand complicated story lines and something to go along with it, because you just sit and watch the adventures of the passengers of the steamer "sergei abramov".
  4. election Day

  5. Madly in love / innamorato pazzo
    There was a busman (as the bus driver number 29 himself called) named chikkini barnaba, in which beautiful women fell in love, and he fell in love with the princess, fell in love madly ...
  6. love struck

  7. Big jackpot / snatch
    Skirmishes, fights, laughter in every frame, but not at the expense of the plot or the intensity of criminal passions. In this film everything is fine: the plot, actors, music, camera work, dialogues.
  8. Maverick / maverick
    The spirit of real adventures in the wild west, whereSmile does not come off the face, it's worth a lot. To this kind of westerns is "meverik." History will bring together respectable scammers and villains, whose goal is to collect 25 thousand dollars within a few days and get to the venue of the great poker championship.
  9. Majorik

  10. Easy virtue
    Ideal, elegant cinema, filled with dryEnglish humor, stiffness and fake politeness in the most beautiful way. Despite the fact that all the action takes place in the same house and around it, there are enough events for an hour and a half.
  11. Easy Virtue

  12. The Pokrovsky Gate
    The whole film is full of wit and sarcasm. After the first viewing it is difficult to catch the game of words and the character of the relationship of the heroes, but when you hear the familiar "but what's wrong with you, and Lermontov did not please? Or do you have other favorite authors? "And you see how a dwarf builds a grimace, depicting the soybean, the line is caught, and you are drawn ...
  13. The Pokrovsky Gate

  14. Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession
    This is the creative apogee of the great leader,On which the satirical and humorous, absurd and familiar, historical and everyday not only for that time, but also for ours were inimitable. And you can be sure that the story of the enthusiast-scientist's time machine and the adventures of the charming thief and manager who has changed places with John himself is formidable, he will still find his new spectator.
  15. Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession

  16. Mordecai
    Tape promises to show us the next masterpieceImage of johnny depp. Unclean art dealer, self-ironic and, in his typical depp manner, an impressive traveler around the world in search of a stolen painting. In the course of these searches, the badger has to face not just one obstacle and an incident.
  17. Mordecai

  18. How to steal a million / how to steal a million
    A wonderful, light, light comedy. An unusual charm of the film in his witty dialogs, wonderful music and the most talented actors - Audrey Hepburn and Peter O'Toole.
  19. Kingdom of the full moon / moonrise kingdom
    An unusual story of innocent childish love,Happened in the beautiful world of one of the main perfectionists of modern cinema - Wes Anderson, able to touch to the depths of the soul of people of different ages, not only with their sincerity and naivety, which is inherent in the director's works, but also with beautiful performance.
  20. The kingdom of the full moon

  21. girls
    Very kind, sweet and, in general, a glorious film. Rumyantseva played a good young girl with a character and a wonderful talent for cooking, as no one doubted during the whole movie.
  22. A fish named wanda / a fish called wanda
    Very nice humor, an exciting story, a great cast of actors. In the film there are not only funny situations, but also brilliant dialogues.
  23. A fish named vanda

  24. Bealjus / beetle juice
    Uncomplicated plot: A young couple lives in their cozy nest. Once on the way home they fall into a car accident and die. Then, already being ghosts, they settle in their own house and get acquainted with all the "delights" of the afterlife. Naturally, after their death their house is sold to another family, and the young dead want to drive out the new owners from their home. Here they resort to the help of the bio-exorcist Bealjus ...
  25. Bealjus

  26. Removal rules: hitch method / hitch
    This is a wonderful comedy with an interesting plot, inWhich can be seen how the sympathy of a man and a woman develops into love, ridiculous situations in which the hitman himself and his client Albert fall.
  27. Rules of removal: the method of hitch

Remember a couple of these movies and watch them when you are sad at heart. All anguish as a hand will remove! And share this selection with your friends!