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How to distinguish real alcohol from fake

Consumption of elite drinks is growing every day, and with it is growing and production and Counterfeiting. Usually a counterfeit is a quite tolerable alcoholic beverage, but we are paying money for real imported alcohol.

From the purchase of fakes you will not be saved by anyone exceptYou yourself, because even on the shelves of shops and supermarkets you can find falsification. To teach you to distinguish the real elite alcohol from counterfeits, "so simple!" Has gathered for you some useful advice.

How to distinguish real alcohol from forgery

Forgeries jack daniel's

  1. Metal cover - Original daniel's jack It is available only with a plastic cover covered with a plastic sheath.
  2. Round "shoulders" of the bottle - since 2011 bottles are produced in a new design.
  3. Smooth "shoulders" - on the "shoulders" of the bottle on four sides should be the relief inscription jack daniel's.
  4. "Curved" label - the label should be glued exactly, and the order of the inscriptions on it must correspond to the established pattern.

Jack daniel's

Recently, Jack daniel's falsification In new bottles. At first glance falsification is indistinguishable from the original, but there are some signs:

  1. No registered trade mark mark on the bottle neck shell. On the original whiskey, he must be present.
  2. Smooth bottle neck. In a genuine drink, the neck of the bottle has facets along the entire length.

Jack daniel's

Signs of a fake tequila olmeca

  1. The presence of ribs at the top of the lid - the original tequila has a lid with a smooth top.
  2. Smooth bottle - there must be a ripple on the bottle, especially it is visible on the "shoulders" of the bottle. The glass should not be smooth.

Tequila olmeca

Signs of fake whiskey jameson

  1. Original jameson Has a metal cover without any shell.
  2. The real whiskey has two embossed inscriptions: the product of ireland at the bottom of the front side of the bottle, and john jameson at the bottom of the back.
  3. The capacity of 0,7 liters is the most often forged Volume jameson. In case of doubt about the quality of the drink, buy a bottle of another volume.

Jameson whiskey

Signs of counterfeiting whiskey johnnie walker black label, red label

  1. cap.
    Whiskey johnnie walker black label, red label
  2. Stamping on the label.
    Whiskey johnnie walker black label, red label

Signs of a whiskey imitation jim beam

  1. In the present American bourbon jim beam, the top face of the lid has no ribs - it is smooth.
  2. Whiskey has two bands of golden color above the image of the trademark jim beam.
  3. The original jim beam faces are present only on the lower half of the neck, while at the counterfeit the neck is faceted along the entire length.
  4. This whiskey has a relief inscription jim beam "on the shoulders" of the bottle on four sides.

Jim beam

Signs of fake hennessy cognac

Say that sales Cognac hennessy In general, the world outperforms its production by 3-4 times. And this means that only every 3-4 bottles of hennessy are the original cognac, and the falsification volume reaches 80%.

Signs of fake hennessy x.o

  1. Cognac hennessy x.o In 0.5 liter containers. Not performed. The original cognac is bottled only in bottles of 0.35 and 0.7 liters.
  2. The original cork and sheath are made bySpecial technology (including laser engraving and holograms holosleeve), very tightly adjacent to the glass of the bottle. The shell should not recall memories of inexpensive domestic wines.

Hennessy x.o

Signs of a fake hennessy v.s.o.p

  1. The lid should not resemble the usual vodka. Cognac house hennessy pays much attention to the production of cork and their protection.
  2. The relief image of a hand with a halberd should be present at the top of the front side of the bottle.

Hennessy v.s.o.p

Remember these differences so that you can never make a mistake in choosing and buying only real imported alcohol. If your friends also like to drink a glass of good whiskey, tell them about these tips!