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How to spend time together

Why spend time together, buried in laptops or, even worse, sitting in front of the TV screen? family life Is not a ban on an interesting joint leisure! If you try, you can come up with a lot of classes that will bring pleasure if you do them together.

Draw inspiration from this list and generate your own ideas. You in fact know your partner best in the world, the amount to find an approach to it and arrange a wonderful Evening for two. Or maybe not at all!

How to have a good time together

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  1. Stage your first meeting or any other memorable episode of a joint life.
  2. Arrange an exciting ride on bicycles.
  3. Cook a dish that you have never done before, together.
  4. Go to the gym or pool.
  5. Walk on foot, choosing unknown routes.
  6. Disassemble things after washing. Look for a pair for a sock so romantically together!
  7. Arrange a small repair. Paint the walls, make an extra shelf for small things together.
  8. Meditate in quiet music.
  9. Play a board game. Play with your favorite man in chess - the original version.
  10. An improvised picnic will never hurt. You can just eat something on the run in a park, on a bench or in a nice courtyard, do not need grandiose preparations.
  11. Collect the puzzle together, preferably - huge.
  12. Read books to each other out loud.
  13. Go together to the bazaar or to the store, feeling the spirit of adventure. Get acquainted on the go with new people and buy products that you have never tried before.
  14. Go to an expensive clothing store and try on the most successful things. Do not forget to say compliments to each other.
  15. To meet together sunset or dawn can be today. Do not put off such romantic ideas for later.
  16. Arrange an evening of refined alcoholic cocktails, working as a bartender in turns.
  17. Dance together until you drop to the music of Frank Sinatra.
  18. Make a collage of your photos. Finally, sort out the photos accumulated since last holiday.
  19. Remember the bright moments, while you are viewing the photo, discuss them.
  20. Look in the cafe and have a cup of coffee. Talk to the waiter in a foreign language.
  21. Sign up for a dance and go there together.
  22. Go to bowling.
  23. Go fishing as soon as possible.
  24. Visit together a concert of a decent musical group, go to a karaoke club. Sing songs to each other.
  25. Play basketball.
  26. Do each other a massage.
  27. Arrange a home gym and compete. The winner pumps the press 10 more times, but after each time he is kissed.
  28. A one-day trip to an unfamiliar place always works like a good idea.
  29. Roll on the rollers together.
  30. In winter, be sure to ski.
  31. Go to the dolphinarium and swim with the dolphins.
  32. Run together, preferably - for long distances, at least 5 kilometers.
  33. Do charity work, feed the homeless, give out your old things.
  34. Take a video where you two are.
  35. Play a computer game that will be interesting to two.
  36. Clean up, have fun in plenty, washing together the shower, for example.
  37. Cook sushi at home.
  38. Go to the antiques shop.
  39. Learn how to play together on simple musical instruments.
  40. Ride your boat.
  41. Rent a bike or car and ride around the city.
  42. Go to the forest for mushrooms or berries. In autumn, collect together walnuts and beautiful leaves. Near the river looking for interesting pebbles or seashells.
  43. Ride your horse.
  44. Look at the stars.
  45. Go to the amusement park, to the water park.
  46. A museum, a theater or an exhibition - wonderful places for visits.
  47. Bake a cake or pie.
  48. Collect the figure from the constructor together.
  49. Create a board on which you will record your dreams, plans and immediate goals.
  50. Drink coffee in bed.
  51. Go to the planetarium.
  52. Launch a small salute.
  53. Sew a doll, like a loved one, together. One comes up with a drawing, the other - sews.
  54. Visit the shelter and feed the animals.
  55. Draw each other. Use paint for body art.
  56. Tell each other about your childhood in great detail.
  57. Arrange an evening of surprises and prepare surprises for each other.
  58. Take a photo near the ridiculous billboards.
  59. Go for a wine tasting.
  60. Keep your mouth shut, holding hands.
  61. couple in love

Protect each other from heartache, because the time you spend together is so fleeting. Escape from boredom and routine by any means, because your feelings Much more lazy and consumer lifestyle.

Perhaps these ideas will come in handy to the lover, pass them on to everyone!