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Guide to style and fashion

How often do not you know what to wear, whileHow is your closet full of clothes? Do you want to make your image vivid and memorable? Then these tips are for you! Take them into service, and you will look great in any situation.

How to handle clothes properly, what Accessories Choose and how to buy these or other things, you will learn from our guide in fashion and style. With the help of these tips you will change your image and become more attractive and interesting.

Tips for style

  1. Throw out all the old.
    It is worth starting with this. To make room for something new, you need to get rid of the old - this rule is valid not only within the wardrobe, but also in relation to life in general.
  2. Do you plan to buy an outfit for an important event? Approach the question with all seriousness.
    To buy a dress for a wedding or a partyWas as good as possible, put the shoes and underwear on the store, which you plan to wear on this day, and also do the same make-up and hairstyle. So you can make sure that everything looks perfect.
  3. Extend the life of cashmere.
    So that cashmere lasts longer, try to buy better clothes from this material. Also, such items should be washed with cold water.
  4. Stretch new shoes without pain.
    To stretch the shoes that rubs, fill the water with the sachets for freezing and shove them into the shoes. Then put the shoes in the freezer for the night.
    Close shoes
  5. No time to dress up? Tie a bow tie!
    Looks very impressive, and you can make a butterfly from anything. This is a quick and easy way to look more stylish and original.
  6. Buy outerwear with intelligence.
    When you buy a jacket, coat or jacket, it is very important that the shoulders sit perfectly. Because this is the only thing that can not be corrected in this kind of clothes.
  7. Rule of open areas of the body.
    Strip one part of the body at a time. It can be legs, back, hands or décolleté zone. But not all at once. Otherwise you risk appearing vulgar or inappropriate.
    the black
  8. 8. treat yourself like a queen.
    Love yourself and watch your health. Let yourself get enough sleep and rest when necessary. The more you treat yourself and the more you care for yourself, the more beautiful you will look.
  9. Make the clothes work for themselves.
    Try to choose clothes that representYou in the most favorable light. It is enough to know a few elementary rules about what styles and colors are suitable for this or that type of figure, and use them to your advantage.
  10. Problems with jeans?
    Without a pair of jeans, no wardrobe can be considered complete. If during the purchase you doubt the size to choose, take the smaller one, because after several washings all the jeans are stretched.
  11. Say no to stains from make-up and deodorant.
    If you find this stain on your clothes, try to remove it with the help of warm water and detergent. Also many spots of this kind are wiped off with ordinary wet wipes.
  12. Be bolder with accessories.
    Properly selected accessories will giveIndividuality to your image. If the clothes are calm, add a bright accessory to it. Also an easy way to make clothes more interesting is to change the buttons.
  13. Scarves are always a good idea!
    A scarf is one of the most important accessories. There are many colors, sizes and materials, so you can definitely choose the one that you like. Even the simplest outfit with a scarf becomes more stylish.
  14. Dress comfortably to have fun all night long.
    If you want to have fun, be sure that the clothes do not require that you think about it every couple of minutes.
  15. What to do if the budget is limited ...
    Make a list of what you need. Look for discounts and profitable offers on these things. Do not buy clothes just because it's discounted. Probably, so you just throw money away. Also try to prefer quality to quantity.
  16. Critically evaluate the thing before you buy it.
    When you buy clothes, take your time and think it over carefully from all sides. Listen to your feelings. If in this thing you feel at the height, then this is how you will look in it.
  17. Be open to the new.
    In your closet clothes hang, blouses and sweaters of the same cut? You need not be afraid to try something new. Do you doubt that this dress will suit you? Be sure to try on.
  18. Make friends with belts.
    A properly selected belt will not only help to make your waist visually thinner, but also become a bright accessory.
  19. Have you ever worn a man's clothes?
    A suit is a very convenient thing. In it you will feel great and be able to impress the strong personality. Only under one condition - he should ideally sit on a figure.
    Men's clothing
  20. Take a spare set of clothes with you, just in case.
    With each of us sometimes there are unpleasant moments. Spilled coffee on her blouse right before the meeting? A stain can make you feel atrocious, while you should shine.

    So in important moments it is better to have something in reserve. You can leave a set of clothes in the office just in case. For example, a white shirt with buttons can fit into any style of clothing.


  21. Address to the seamstress.
    Clothing to order very often looks better thanPurchase, because it sits perfectly. Get acquainted with a good seamstress and consult her about what it is better to sew or alter from what is. Together you will come to a lot of bright decisions.
  22. Bags for all occasions.
    A bag is a business card of every woman. They should be several under different types of outfits.
  23. Be able to cope with your things.
    Learn to compactly pack your clothes in one suitcase or travel bag. So that clothes remain clean and fresh, put it into sachets for freezing.
  24. Learn how to sew.
    Be able to sew a little - very useful and easyNecessary. This skill will be useful everywhere - from torn buttons and children's costumes to matinees and ending with the fact that you can create original things yourself.
  25. Take care of their things.
    Get a good quality iron and a good washing powder. Also be sure to look at the stitched labels, where it is written, as for what kind of thing you need to look after.

With these basic rules in hand, you will be able to develop your own Unique style In clothes that will help you feel irresistible in any situation. Keep these tips to yourself so that you do not forget anything!