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25 rules for men who have a daughter

paternity - not an easy test for everyone, but especially for those who are fortunate to become the father of the girl. With the daughter it is necessary to behave differently, than with the son, - here it is necessary to show a maximum of sensitivity and understanding.

If you want a relationship with your girlfriend to be warm and friendly, follow these 25 tips. They were once written by the father of three daughters to help those who are facing this difficult task - to be Worthy father For her princess.

Father and daughter

Rules for the fathers of daughters

  1. Be attentive to everything that she says. If your daughter shares something with you, then it's important, even if it's just babbling.
  2. You should talk more often to your daughter about how beautiful she is.
  3. Do not try to be a mom for a girl, you have a different role.
  4. Never raise your daughter's voice, and if it does happen, do not be shy Apologize to a child. Do not worry, your authority will not suffer from this.
  5. If the daughter asks to buy a new toy, offer to give a few old ones to a kindergarten or a child's house.
  6. Every girl should be treated like a princess.
  7. When an adult daughter calls, do not expect that she will immediately start asking for money, maybe she just wanted to feel small.
  8. More often hug the girl even when she is not at all small. More safe and comfortable place than father's embrace - do not find!
  9. If the daughter wants to help you in the garage or withCleaning snow, handing her a small shovel or letting a couple of bolts and nuts. Maybe, now it will not be much use from her, but your patience will pay off with interest when she grows up.
  10. Let there be cases that you do only together, for example, combing your hair or cleaning potatoes.
  11. The daughter should always know that her father will protect her. The baby counts on the fact that at a difficult moment for her, the father will always protect her from any trouble, even if it's just a quarrel in the kindergarten.
  12. Do you want the daughter, finally, Cleaned the room? Remember the point about the princess and turn her into a Cinderella for a little while.
  13. Treat respectfully to doctors and nurses, because they want health to your child. For all her life the girl will have to visit them a lot.
  14. Every daughter has the right to go out with only the pope. Even if it is a walk in the park or a visit to the circus.
  15. Never tell her that mom is not right. Neither are you right or all right at the same time. Community and the word "we" are of great importance.
  16. Do you like watching football after work? Attach the whole family to him. Then you do not have to buy a separate TV, moreover - it's an excellent option for spending time together.
  17. Do not get scared if your daughter wants to cry sometimes. Do not rush to look for the guilty or try to coax the child with shopping, so that he calms down. Just give the daughter the opportunity to cry properly.
  18. Write a multi-part fairy tale with your own characters and plot. it is very funny.
  19. Your daughter is not sugar. Let her sometimes break a pair of knees, run, jump and climb from the heart.
  20. Create your own rules. For example: that dad did not run away, when crossing the road, it must be held by the hand.
  21. Appreciate the effort Daughter. If she does something badly, but the child is struggling, be sure to praise the baby for perseverance and show how to do better.
  22. If the princess decided to put on a lilac sweater with a horse, so be it. Of course, if the weather permits.
  23. Do not be surprised if you find that your daughterBetter than you cope with a dress of six podjubnikov and three pelerines. Still against women's instincts can not trample. But you should help her with various lock-keys. So it will be faster and easier.
  24. Never disclose the secrets that she has entrusted to you. Even if the girl herself had already managed to talk them all out.
  25. And the last: flowers can be given not only to the wife.

These 25 rules will help make your fatherhoodThe most beautiful period of life for you and your girl. Start applying them in practice today, and you will notice the results. Share these tips with friends who also have daughters!