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Weight loss training

To be in shape, do not necessarily engage in sports in the gym. You can arrange a wonderful Home gym, There would be a desire! These exercises are ideal for simple body workouts without undue stress, but with excellent results.

Except for rapid weight loss, this Fat-burning complex Exercises has another positive effect. The metabolism becomes lightning fast! Before the holidays, this is especially true - plentiful feasts will not bypass anyone ...

Slimming exercise

  1. Caterpillar
    Stand straight, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward, get your hands to the floor, legs should be straightened.

    Move your hands forward, stepping by them until then,Until you reach the position for push-up. In the same way return to the starting position. Do 5 repetitions, watch that the back was straight, and the stomach - retracted.


  2. bounce
    Jump up as far as possible! Knees at the same time pull up to the chest higher, and arms stretch forward. Start the jump from the starting position: keep your legs half-bent. To land, try, too, on the half-bent legs. Perform 7-10 jumps.
  3. climber
    Get up on all fours. Lean on your right hands, pull your left knee to your chest, and your right leg straight. Change your legs in a low jump. Repeat this 15 times.
  4. Lath in motion
    Take a position before push-up. Slowly move your hands forward, keeping your legs and body fixed in one place. Getting to the extreme point, go back. Repeat this 7 times.
  5. Jump with push-up
    Sit low, jump up sharply and perform 1 push-up. Jump up and back to the position of the lower squat. Do this 5 times.
  6. curtsy
    During crochet squat one foot after another, set your foot as far as possible to the side and squat. The back should be straight! Do 10 squats.
  7. Squat with emphasis
    Crouch, leaning his hands on a chair behind his back. The main thing is to follow the balance! Keep your feet on the width of your shoulders, do not let your knees look inward, only to the sides. Repeat this 15 times.
    Sit-ups with a chair

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