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When to drink water

Our body consists of more than 70% of water, so the quality of drinks that we drink should be at a high level. all Exchange processes In the body proceed with the direct participation of water.

If you drink clean water with a high contentMinerals, some diseases can be cured. Many people every year go to resorts with medicinal mineral waters to improve their health. About the healing properties of this Source of life Know many.

But do you know that if you drink water at a certain time, you can get a lot more benefits. This infographics will help you find out when you need to drink water.

Use of water

But it should be remembered that people with problems of the excretory system from water drunk at night may Edema. Also if you are activeSports, it is necessary to drink during training every 15 minutes, in order to withdraw the metabolic products. When eating, do not drink, as this slows down digestion.

The main rule of drinking water is: "Listen to the needs of your body!" If two glasses of water in the morning - it's a lot, just drink one.

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