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How to increase productivity at work

In any case it is very important to start right. Especially it concerns the beginning of the working day. If you succeeded, then 50% of the success is already in your pocket. Further it goes for a harmonious optimization of the day - this is the second 50% of success.

Correctly Organize work, Do it more qualitatively and do not suffer from everyday tasks, read and remember these nine effective techniques. You will see how your life will change for the better!

How to increase productivity at work


  1. Start the morning with something pleasant.
    Start your day with what gives you the greatest pleasure. So you can ask a great mood for the whole day.

    If you like to write, so why not start the day with a blog entry while sipping tasty hot coffee? You will notice that in the subsequent working hours you will be full of energy.

  2. Wake up early!
    This sounds unrealistic, but it is possible. Thomas Corley conducted a study comparing the habits of rich and poor people. The results showed that more prosperous people wake up three hours before work begins.

    But if you for some reason stay up late,Do not get up very early. The same if you are on an early shift. Having three spare hours left in stock, you will be able to solve many things more effectively than in the evening. This is a huge plus for further productivity at work.

  3. Remember the rule of nine cases.
    Make a list of cases for the day, withThis limit to nine points, and you can even less. The first point, which you plan to spend, for example, four hours, should be the most important.

    Also on the list should be three cases of lesser importance, which will take only three hours. Well, and five very small cases, with which you will quickly cope.

  4. Do not waste your energy on multitasking!
    Many bosses require their subordinates to solve several cases simultaneously. Although this does not make your work more productive. You can not catch everything at once, you do not fuck Julius Caesar.

    Do the work consistently, all the suddenRequests and tasks for later. Allocate in the working day about an hour to help colleagues solve all the accumulated problems. If you learn to concentrate, then your productivity will increase many times.

  5. Use the rule of six questions!
    When you start work on something new, ask yourself six questions: why, what, who, when, where and how. for example:

    What are the objectives of this project?

    What does he sell, offer?

    Who is the target audience?

    When should the task be completed?

    Where will the product be distributed (the geography of the project)?

    How will the project work?

    As much as possible to clarify all the issues. The right task is half the success. This will allow you to perform it more effectively.

  6. Take a pencil in hand.
    All tasks that are difficult to solve in the head, it is better to reproduce on paper. Try to draw in all the details a difficult task, and the methods of solving it will appear by themselves.
  7. Simplify!
    There are times when you are falling a lotWork, and so want to be lazy. Look at the difficult situation and simplify it. Split large tasks into small ones, and you will be surprised how much easier their solution will seem.
  8. Use the rule of two minutes.
    If you can accomplish any task within two minutes, then do not postpone it. Answer the letter or make a small correction. If it takes more time, then reread the paragraph "Do not waste your energy on multitasking!".
  9. Do not forget to eat!
    Advice seems strange, but it is very important forGood productivity. Often people who are immersed in work forget to eat. While the energy is wasted, and it needs to be replenished with something. Dine and do not forget about snacks, fill up the spent forces.

All these nine rules will allow you to become more productive and manage twice as much, while significantly reducing the load and stress.

Share your tricks with your friends, how to increase your own productivity!